The Swims Galosh – Keeping Your Shoes Presentable

22nd August 2014

When the rain pours and the puddles get deeper, your shoes can get rather untidy and look unpresentable. Sometimes a damp cloth can fix this problem but what if you could fix this problem entirely and turn up to your meeting with shoes that are looking even better than they were before you put them on? When the weather overrules, you require the modern galosh.

Enter Swims – a Norwegian lifestyle brand that was established in 2005 that sticks to innovative yet traditional values. Saluting the weather, they have come up with a whole men’s range that counters all of those damp problems (that not only make your shoes look grubby but also damages them).

Seamlessly moulded, the Swims classic galosh keeps your shoes clean, dry and even shines them while you’re wearing them. On trend, the galoshes from Swims come in a diverse quantity of fresh colours and patterns. The rubber creates a resistance to the weather, whereas the lining creates a pocket of air between the rubber and the leather of your shoe, allowing damp to move out.

Swims shoes and the galosh have even been seen at the London Collections: Men shows – on the runway and at presentations. In their AW13 show Agi & Sam used the blue and orange Swims galos Agi & Sam AW14h on the runway, the rich blues and oranges complemented the clothing and added a more practical approach to high fashion. More recently Swims was used for Chester Barrie in their SS15 presentation giving a luxury finish with a well-made and well-presented moccasin.

With a wide variety of choices in their range, Swims is perfect with any formal shoe and has an anti-slip sole; this is a shoe accessory that is a must have for every gentleman. Keeping you dry, comfortable with practicality and presentability.
Danny Keeling – Creative Director

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