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Read Our Exclusive Interview With Actor Nick Hendrix - Candid

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Read Our Exclusive Interview With Actor Nick Hendrix

25th July 2016

Currently filming the internationally renowned series Midsomer Murders, playing new sidekick DS Jamie Winter, Nick Hendrix is an anticipated rising star on screen.
After studying drama at Exeter University and training for three years at RADA, Nick Hendrix has worked extensively in London theatre productions such as Man and Superman, The Light Princess, and What The Butler Saw. Nick also recently played opposite Laura Carmichael in the ITV murder series Marcella, which is on now available on Netflix.

You will also spot him in the much anticipated Netflix produced drama The Crown, due to air on 4th November 2016. Other notable TV shows in which Nick has featured include Black Mirror, The White Queen and Call The Midwife. Film credits include Legend and Suffragette. Candid had the pleasure of interviewing Nick about his life, inspirations, and visions.

Did you always know you wanted to be an actor? If not what inspired you to pursue acting?

I think I subconsciously always wanted to be a performer of some sort. I didn't have that eureka moment people talk of often – it crept up on me I guess. I was a chorister at school so I found my way in through musicals and that then lead to my first straight play at senior school: Journeys End. I had some ambitious drama teachers who gave me an eye into what was possible on a stage and I think that's when I realised I loved it and (hopefully) was good at it.

You’ve appeared in a variety of popular dramas from Call The Midwife to Foyle’s War – Would you say you are drawn to period dramas? 

It's very hard to have much sway over your career particularly in the early years so there's an element of coincidence involved. Also we're lucky in this country that we’re so good at making them and therefore there's quite a few about. So I wouldn't say I'm drawn to them per se but I do love doing them. We've such a great and fascinating history that there will always be characters and stories to tell and hopefully I'll be part of some of them!

You also appeared in a range of films, most recently Legend with Tom Hardy, how did you find working on such an iconic film? 

I think the whole world is fascinated by The Krays and therefore just being part of that movie was a real pleasure. The amount of people who ask me about it or have a story connecting themselves or a relative somehow to Reggie or Ronnie is endless! I've also been a huge Tom Hardy fan since Bronson so getting to meet him and be on set with him was a real treat. Hopefully not for the last time!

Of all the characters you’ve played, which role has been your favourite/did you feel particularly connected to?

I loved playing a Duke in The White Queen. In a boyish way there is nothing that feels more like being an actor than being in a suit of armour on a horse in a castle. It was very cool.

Which character’s wardrobe/style have you enjoyed the most?

In Legend I got to wear probably the most beautiful tuxedo I've ever worn. It was an extremely dark blue velvet and it fitted like a glove. The period stuff often lends itself to elegant suits. I filmed a bit on The Crown (out later this year on Netflix) and similarly had a three piece suit in that that was simply perfect. But I have to say there's something very comforting about filming in the present day, as in Marcella, and just putting on tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

How would you describe your style?

I think elements are quite simple and functional. Day to day it's grey jeans, converse high tops, well-fitting t-shirt sort of vibe. I also have an inordinate amount of grey sweatshirts that I love. But when dressing up I like a mix of old school English tailoring with a touch of Italian elegance. I like to think that it's an unconscious effect of my mix of English and Italian parentage! But I'm not overly set in my ways I feel my style is still evolving and finding its way, which I’m happy about and enjoying!

Talk about the hit series Marcella. How did that compare to your previous work?

It was certainly nice to step back into the present day after a lot of period work. I'd just done a modern play too so was very much in the zone. In the show, my character, although not necessarily highlighted in the end cut, was a personal trainer and having worked as one in the past, I felt a real connection to the character. It was an exciting show to be part of and took me into the world of Scandi drama which is so popular right now.

How would you like to see your career develop, do you envisage yourself continuing in TV dramas or moving into film?

I think like anyone, I simply want to do as well as I possibly can whilst retaining some integrity. I always want to be going up, exponentially ideally. I'm loving shooting Midsomer Murders at the moment as the long shoot periods and varying storylines give me huge experience. But the dream is film. I grew up watching films and that's where I want to be. There's something about the romantic notion of ‘the movies' that got hold of me a long time ago. But we'll see, TV is a hotbed now and a lot of the most exciting work happens there, as long as I keep working, and working well, I'll be happy.

Is there a specific type of role/character you would love to play in the future? Why? 

I love the athleticism of acting. I'm a big action movie fan and would love to test myself in those environments. Whether it be car chases in Fast and Furious or rooftop sequences in Bourne. Very rarely can you name specific roles because you don't know the films that are yet to be made but of those that will, I've always said I'd like a stab at Bond (but then who hasn't?!). I think I could bring a bit of the old suave of Connery back whilst maintaining the physicality of Craig. That would be my pitch anyway!

Outside of acting, what interests you? 

I love to get down the gym most days, it's a passion I've had since a rowing coach at school got me into it. I have zero personality if I haven't done some exercise! The rest of my time I like to watch TV shows and films, play football and tennis, and see friends and family.

 If you weren’t an actor what would be your dream job?

I don't know if it's a dream as such but I've always thought I'd like to try the military if the acting didn't work out. Royal Marine training through to SAS or SBS has to be the ultimate test of mental and physical endurance. It's the opposite of acting in that it's so team-based when acting often feels a lonely solo venture. There's no vanity or self-awareness, it's about survival under extremely high-pressure situations. God knows if I'd last more than five minutes, but I'd like to find out!

Finally, if you could give any advice to your younger self/young actors, what would it be?

Relax and try not to second guess everything. There are no constants, no structures, no strategies, no systems, no precedent that can help you predict how your career will go. So it's best to just give everything and expect nothing. I met Clive Owen recently and he said ‘it's about the space in front of you and how you use it' which resonated for me and is along the same lines.

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