Is Organic Skincare the Real Deal?

13th July 2020

What Is Organic Skincare?

There are so many products vying for our attention on the market today it can be easy to get confused. Looking at brand after brand can quickly devolve into total confusion about what is going to be best for your skin.

Organic skincare might be something you’ve heard of but aren’t entirely sure about – luckily, we’re here to help out.

Generally speaking, organic skincare is any beauty item free from pesticides and harsh chemicals and instead made from organically grown materials. These can be far easier on the skin, particularly sensitive skin types.

In the last decade or so there’s been a healthy growing interest in the world of organic skincare brands. This is partly down to an increased cultural sensitivity seen in the rise of veganism and cruelty-free products. But we think it’s a healthy move for all skin types and you should consider switching if you haven’t already to a natural organic skincare.

Isn’t That the Same as Natural Skincare?

Surprisingly, no.

Natural skincare refers to the products that contain ingredients that come from natural sources but are not necessarily ‘organic’.

These ‘natural’ products can contain preservatives and other chemicals in addition to their main plant-based ingredients.

Organic products are limited to only those naturally sourced without additional chemicals or pesticides.

Benefits of Organic Skincare

There’s a lot of benefits to making a natural organic skincare a firmer part of your routine.

Because they are free from certain ingredients you are first of all less likely to suffer allergic reactions as is the case with some products. Parabens, for example, or a type of preservative which can irritate skin and, in more extreme cases, stimulate cancer cell growth.

Smaller organic skincare companies help local economy and industry by sourcing ingredients from local producers that larger, international brands tend to ignore.

Every skin type is different so it’s important you do your research and get the skincare product that’s right for you.

Best Organic Skincare Products

There’s a lot of wonderful organic skincare products that you can check out. We’ve put together a short introductory list that will get you started or, if you’re already familiar, introduce you to some fun new names.


Botanicals hand-craft award-winning certified organic, skin, body, and bath products. Their Nourish moisturizer is a great example of their adherence to 100% vegan & organic ingredients, officially certified by the Soil Association. A wonderful product for all those suffering from dry and irritated skin.


Poko CBD are relatively new and boast a surprisingly comprehensive range of vegan-friendly, organic skincare products. Their Correcting Eye Cream keeps the delicate under-eye skin hydrated while also fighting the signs of ageing. Made from a combination of aloe vera, plant oils, and CBD it effectively locks moisture into the skin throughout the day.

CBD Oil Benefits


Evolve creates small batches of products filled with antioxidants, natural oils, butters, and extracts. All of their creations are vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. Their Daily Renew Facial Cream blends pure organic oils that can nourish and hydrate your skin. It’s also fragranced with relaxing vanilla and coconut scents. Definitely check it out!

Green People

Green People want to free your skin from harsh, synthetic ingredients to give yourself a healthy, rich glow. These products are perfect if you have sensitive skin or even if you just want to give your skin a break from heavier creams. Try their Age Defy +Hour Brightening to deeply hydrate and stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce wrinkles. The company even list the products they don’t have, including parabens which we mentioned above.

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