Lead Singer of OneRepublic Launches Zero-Sugar Hemp Drink

25th February 2020

Ryan Tedder the lead singer of pop/rock band OneRepublic has launched his very own hemp beverage called ‘Mad Tasty.’ Each fruit flavoured sparkling water drink contains 20 mg of CBD oil, is infused with real fruit, but best of all it contains no calories!

The idea for Mad Tasty was born in Santa Monica in 2018 when Ryan was searching the market for the ultimate functioning and hydrating beverage. The Colorado native said: “I wanted to drink more water but water was boring and I also wanted to get my daily dose of hemp extract”.

Ryan knew about CBD from listening to those closest to him: “I've had countless friends in the music industry and family members exclaiming the health benefits of CBD with personal anecdotes on how it helped them with performance anxiety and kept their energy going all day.”

Interestingly his anecdotal stories mirror that of several human clinical trials where participants who took CBD oil have reported a significant decrease in anxiety compared to placebo.

CBD Oil Benefits

The award-winning musician wants people to drink more water but he also wants fresh clean water where it is needed most. With that in mind, he is supporting the drop4drop campaign where for every 12 ounces of Mad Tasty produced will result in 12 ounces of clean freshwater given to those most in need.

Ryan is not the first person in the music industry getting into the CBD market with well-known Canadian rapper Drake already having already established a CBD brand for some time and most recently even Miley Cyrus has opened a cannabis cafe in LA California.

CBD Edibles

Mad Tasty is backed by investment firm First Bev who believe in both the man behind the brand as well as the cannabinoid behind the drink and will provide Ryan with a wealth of expertise. At a time when CBD has become the biggest food supplement in the world, it looks like this could be another number one to add to his repertoire.

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