Meghan Markle’s Nephew Uses Her Name to Build Weed Empire

17th September 2019

Tyler Dooley, the nephew of Meghan Markle, has become an overnight millionaire thanks to cannabis. But some credit has to be given to his royal aunt. The cannabis farmer launched his business last year with a particularly potent strain called – Markle Sparkle. 

Inspired by the Duchess of Sussex and meant to honour her wedding to Prince Harry, the strain was given the tagline – ‘So strong it will blow your crown off.’

The strain has proven so popular that it lead to a vast expansion of Tyler Dooley’s business operation. He now has a 1,000 acre-ranch located in Oregon, where he continues to grow a wide array of hybrid strains. He even has a new one called ‘Archie Sparkie’, named for Meghan and Harry’s son. 

However, not all the plants are high in THC, in fact, Tyler is expanding towards purely CBD strains. 

“CBD products are where the future lies,' explains Dooley. “We are selling our product to several of the leading importers in the UK. We're planning to flood the market.”

Throwing shade at his famous relative, whose name and fame has allowed him such relatively quick success, he stated:

“The farm is organic and sustainable. It's ironic my aunt and Prince Harry go on about being such great eco-warriors and yet they carry on jetting around on private planes. I think we're doing more for the planet than my aunt Meghan is.”

It’s estimated that the CBD market in the UK could be worth almost £1 billion by 2025 and Tyler is certainly hoping he can cash in on that. 

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