Kristen Bell Launching CBD Skincare in Fall

27th July 2020

Perhaps best known for her roles in such films as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, TV shows such as Veronica Mars, and more recently as the voice of Anna in Disney’s Frozen, Kristen Bell has a growing profile as a top entrepreneur.

Following her success with eco-conscious baby line, Hello Bello, Kristen Bell has moved into the world of CBD skincare.

The actress recently announced that she’d gone into partnership with Lord Jones, an industry leader in CBD products.

More than just a collaboration, the collection called Happy Dance was born, Bell says, from her love of the brand.

“I first discovered Lord Jones CBD products two years ago and have been using them ever since,” Bell stated.

“I was sceptical at first but was quickly blown away by the quality, integrity, and consistency in all of the products.

“When I met Lord Jones founders Rob [Rosenheck] and Cindy [Capobianco], we aligned on a shared desire to make a CBD line that would be accessible to a wider audience at a lower price point while maintaining the same trusted quality as the Lord Jones brand.”

Kristen Bell – An Ambassador for Self Care

Speaking last year to Women’s Health, Bell revealed her struggles with depression and how CBD helped her cope.

In keeping with this, she believes that the focus and core of Happy Dance should be on self-care.

“Self-care shouldn’t be an event,” Bell said in her press release about Happy Dance. “Self-care should consist of everyday pick-me-ups that can be integrated into one’s daily routine.”

Treat Yourself Kindly with CBD

Bell spoke to Women’s Health about managing depression with antidepressants, exercise, therapy, and herbs all to little or no avail.

However, CBD caught her attention and changed her life for the better.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants and has been shown to have anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects.

While scientists are still researching the overall effects of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid, many, like Bell, have turned to CBD for its anecdotal benefits as a safer alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Many believe that CBD manages the symptoms of depression due to its ability to interact with endogenous cannabinoids in the body that regulate many functions including mood.

Eager customers can avail of Kristen Bell’s new line of “clean, simple, hemp-derived CBD skincare and personal care products” later this year when Happy Dance is scheduled to launch.

We’re excited to try it ourselves!

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