Kosher CBD Products – Where to Get Them

22nd February 2021

Products Cannabidiol or CBD has gone mainstream. It’s highly regarded as an extract that can help with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and mental well-being. The range of new CBD products that are now available shows how high demand is and what a burgeoning industry this is.

CBD Village offers not only tinctures, vape oils, edibles and beverages. Additionally, their range of topical and beauty products is expanding. From massage oils, creams, balms, lip care all the way through to a full range of skincare products.

With so many products flooding the market, how can you be sure you’re choosing a quality CBD product. If you’re looking for high-quality, pure CBD products it’s advisable to choose products that have been certified.

CBD Certification

CBD Village offers CBD merchandise with EU seed to sale certification, ISO 9002 accreditation, USDA approval, vegan-friendly halal and kosher certification. All this goes a long way to ensuring the CBD market is inclusive and caters to everyone.

The Kosher CBD market is one of the fastest-growing in the entire CBD sector. Kosher-certified foods conform to Jewish dietary regulations. We’ll take a look at exactly what kosher-certified means, how kosher products are certified and what CBD consumables have this certification.

What is Kosher?

Kosher—or the laws of kashrut—refer to the laws laid out in the Torah that outline the foods both permitted and prohibited for those of the Jewish faith. It also details the ways in which the food and drink must be produced and prepared. It encompasses all food and beverages that Orthodox Jewish law deems acceptable.

If a food product is Kosher certified, consumers know it complies with strict kosher food laws that pertain to cleanliness, purity, quality and how the food is prepared. To be Kosher certified, all ingredients in every product—and the process of preparing the product—must be certified for orthodox kosher-compliance too.

Why Do CBD Products Need Kosher Certification?

Many Kashrut laws have to do with how you prepare and eat food and products from animals; dairy and meat etcetera. Kosher food is divided into three main categories:

  • Pareve
  • Dairy
  • Meat

Most of the more popular CBD products fall under the pareve category. Ingestible items like CBD oils, tinctures, oral sprays, teas, coffees, protein powders, energy drinks or anything certified vegan could technically be considered pareve.

Pareve means any edible products that are not from an animal; no meat or dairy. However, to get a kosher certification, these food items have their own strict rules to follow.

Tools or equipment that have processed meat or dairy cannot process pareve foods. Fruits, vegetables, and grains products (hemp/cannabis) must not contain insects or insect larvae contaminants.

Therefore, without an inspection performed by the proper Kosher authorities, no CBD product can be declared 100% kosher. You cannot know whether CBD products were prepared with equipment that touched animal by-products without proper certification.

What CBD Products Are Kosher?

Any CBD products that are not edible are most definitely kosher. It’s only edibles or things you ingest that need to be certified. In general, most pareve CBD food products are not produced and processed near any meat or dairy products.

However, without being sure, there is no way of knowing whether the products are pareve or not unless they’ve been officially certified as vegan. With official kosher certification, you can be sure that your CBD products have been prepared in the correct way.

CBD Village

CBD Village has a wide range of certified CBD products. With the soaring popularity of CBD products, it’s more important than ever to cater to everyone’s needs. Whatever requirements you need in terms of certification; halal, kosher or vegan, it’s always a good idea to look for CBD products that have been certified in some way.

Due to the huge growth in the CBD sector, an influx of CBD products has flooded the market. Some of these products are better quality than others. If you want to be sure of a quality product that contains as much CBD as it promises, safe preparation methods and trustworthy ingredients, you should look for some kind of certification. CBD Village is a marketplace that aims to bring its customers certified CBD products that they can trust.

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