John Lewis Launches Environmentally Friendly Luxury Mattress Collection

25th August 2019

Those losing sleep over climate change may rest a little easier tonight on environmentally friendly mattresses now available at John Lewis & Partners.

The high-end department store now stocks a range of Harrison Spikes mattresses which can be fully recycled at the end of their life.

Every year more than 7 million mattresses are sent to British landfills, a horrific fact that has led John Lewis to invest in environmentally friendly, sustainable mattresses from Harrison Spikes, a family bed maker recently featured on BBC ‘In The Factory’.

The natural collection mattresses are handmade in Yorkshire and filled with sumptuous, sustainable fillings enhanced by layers of innovative pocket springs and a new groundbreaking spring system.

Sustainability is at the core of this 5th generation family business who has won two Queens awards for enterprise. The mattresses are designed with 3,400 cortec springs which can be fully recycled. The springs are made from strong yet light steel in Britain which helps lower its carbon footprint.

Hemp fibres sourced from Harrison Spinks farm in Yorkshire is used as a better alternative to water-intensive cotton. Hemp fibres are stronger and more durable than cotton and are even carbon negative.

Mattresses can be purchased from as little as £385 and at the end of their life will be collected by John Lewis after which the TFR group will dismantle the 19 components, sanitise and recycle each part to be used again.

In 2016 alone John Lewis was able to collect and recycle approximately 58,000 mattresses diverting over 15000 tonnes of waste from landfill.
In a time where small changes can make a big difference, people are encouraged to choose environmentally friendly mattresses from John Lewis & Partners.

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