3 Essential Products for the Jet-Setter

15th June 2020

No matter your destination this year, whether it’s skiing in the alps, letting loose in New York City or wine tasting in Australia, we have 3 essential products every jet-setter cannot do without.

We’re not talking passport, phone, wallet, and keys here (although bring them, they might come in handy). No, we’re talking about those REALLY essential items that will make your trip easier, hassle-free, and more enjoyable.


We all love travelling to unknown exotic destinations, but really, half the fun is telling our friends afterwards about all our adventures. We will, of course, leave out the stories of waiting for hours at the airport and having mild panic attacks when the plane hits turbulence.

By taking some CBD oil before we travel we can completely negate these worries because CBD has clinically proven anti-anxiety calming effects, with no intoxicating high.

This natural compound from the hemp plant will make you feel completely relaxed (but not lethargic) so you can rest easy and look forward to an amazing holiday.

CBD Oil Sunscreen

If Baz Luhrman taught us one thing it was the importance of sunscreen. It can protect us from painful holiday-spoiling sunburn, ageing skin, and the cancer-causing effects of the sun.

Today, topicals such as sunscreens are multi-purpose and, like many skincare products (Kiehls, LordJones, Poko), they are infused with CBD oil because of its many skin-loving benefits.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe aggravated skin, antibacterial powers to improve acne-prone skin, as well as pain relief properties.

CBD Oil Lip Balm

Whether it is the family-friendly slopes of Courchevel, France or Europe's most vertical drops in Zermatt, Switzerland, your lips are going to be exposed to the elements.

Those ice-cold winds will leave them red, dry, cracked, and in awful pain. Why not avoid all of that holiday-ruining drama by taking care of them with some protective CBD lip balm.

CBD oil lip balm will rehydrate your lips giving back much-needed moisture, protect you from the elements with its healing properties and relieve the pain from cracked lips.

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