How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Winter

21st October 2021

Autumn is just around the corner, which means it is time to update your skincare routine. Those lightweight products are not going to make the cut for the autumn and winter seasons with the cold weather coming in. Unlike the summer season, the colder weather can make our skin feel relatively dry and tight.

Therefore, similar to how you change your wardrobe depending on the season, you also need to tweak your skincare routine to match. This will ensure that your skin is getting that extra hydration hit and that it is protected during the autumn and winter weather. Let’s explore how you can update your skincare routine for winter below!

How Does the Winter Weather Affect My Skin?

Before we jump into how to update your skincare routine for the colder month, let’s address how the winter weather affects our skin. Cold weather can be very tough on our skin as it draws away its moisture. We are likely to have our indoor heating turned on, which can ultimately make your skin drier. In addition, the cold weather is usually accompanied by harsh winds, which do not help in ensuring your skin remains quenched.

People with dry skin types may notice their skin feels incredibly tight during these months and even crackly. Redness and chapping may become more prevalent skin concerns. Additionally, breakouts can still occur since the changing weather can cause dead skin cells to build up. The skin is already more sensitive during these months too. With that in mind, it is critical to ensure you are giving your skin exactly what it needs to withstand the cold weather.

Tips On How to Adapt Your Skincare Routine For Winter

Below we will share some tips on how you can adapt your skincare routine to suit the winter months.

Switch Out Your Cleanser For a Cream or Milk Cleanser

As mentioned previously, it is not uncommon to experience dry skin during the cold winter months. You can tackle this by switching out your normal cleanser for a cream or milk cleanser. Many people tend to use gel cleansers during the summer months since they are suitable for removing excess oil. However, during winter, your dry skin will not appreciate its oils being ripped away as they will still help the skin remain moisturised. What’s more, the oil will encourage rejuvenation.

What’s more, cream and milk cleansers are formulated to tackle dry skin and ensure the skin is kept hydrated. They do this while not interfering with the skin’s barrier too. Therefore, you can cleanse your skin morning and night, ensuring your skin is getting some moisture while doing so.

Exfoliation is Key

Given that our skin is usually on the drier side during the winter, exfoliation will be your best friend. Dead skin cells are likely to build up, which could result in breakouts, so it is crucial to nip these in the bud. Grab your exfoliator, and your skin will be feeling brand new – glowy and soft; we love to see it!

In saying that, it is essential not to overdo it, despite how good it feels. Usually, it is recommended to exfoliate once per week. If you have extremely dry skin, twice may be more worthwhile! Exfoliating brightens your skin by getting rid of those dead skin cells. However, overdoing it could disrupt the outer layer of the skin. This would be a bit counterproductive as it could result in further dryness accompanied by irritation.

Use a Moisturising Cream

During the summer heat, you were likely using lotion-based moisturisers or oils instead of a standard moisturising cream. Unfortunately, you won’t get away with this in the winter months as our skin requires a lot more moisture. For this reason, you should go for a heavier moisturiser, that of a moisturising cream.

It will ensure your skin remains quenched and should last you from morning until the evening. What’s more, it’ll help your skin barrier function and help you avoid dryness and irritation! Try to opt for a non-comedogenic one too. After all, the last thing you want is your moisturiser, causing you to break out.

If you want a moisturising cream that is guaranteed to keep your skin feeling soft during the winter months, you should try the Poko Ultra Hydrating moisturiser. The name certainly isn’t fooling you – this moisturiser is packed with a combination of botanical oils and CBD to ensure your skin locks in moisture and remains hydrated. It is also non-comedogenic. In addition to that, all Poko products are vegan and cruelty-free!

Avoid Long, Hot Showers and Baths

There is nothing better than drawing a bath or hopping in a cold shower at the end of the day in the colder months. We get it, and you are allowed to continue having your hot showers and baths. The main thing is not to prolong them. This is because prolonged water contact could contribute to irritated and dry skin.

Therefore, if you want your skin to look its best this winter, try not to stay in the shower or bath for too long when it is considerably hot. Alternatively, you could set the water to a lower temperature.

Start Using Facial Oils

Another great way to ensure your skin remains moisturised during the autumn and winter weather is by adding facial oils to your skincare routine. Constant weather changes can disrupt our skin’s moisture balance, which causes our skin to become drier and, in some cases, flaky. Therefore, adding oils to your skincare routine will encourage your skin to retain its moisture. Not to mention, it will nourish it, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and soft.

We would recommend the Poko Luxury Facial Oil for this! It is packed with omega fatty acids and vitamins, which leave the skin feeling plump and soft. The oil has been formulated specifically to tackle moisture loss too.

Keep Applying That SPF!

Despite the fact that the weather is going to get colder, you still need to wear SPF. The sun’s UV rays are still around. What’s more, they are just as harmful to the skin as they are in the summer months. Therefore, it is essential to wear your SPF.

In Summary

Autumn and winter are just around the corner, which means you can bundle up under the blankets, drink hot chocolate, and light the fire – but don’t forget about your skin. The lightweight products many use during the summer often don’t supply the skin with enough of what it needs during the colder months.

The winter weather can be very harsh on our skin, causing it to feel dry, flaky, and irritated. Our skin is more sensitive during these seasons also. Being the largest organ in our bodies, it is critical that you look after it and give it what it needs to get through these months.

Luckily, it is very easy to tweak your already established skincare routine. Simply swap your normal cleanser out for a milk one and your standard moisturiser out for a cream. Avoid long baths and showers, start exfoliating your skin regularly and add some oils to your routine. Oh, and never forget that SPF!

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