Hemp Milk Benefits

10th May 2021

There seems to be a new popular plant milk every day. Dairy alternatives have been a popular part of people’s diets for the past ten years but why are people now choosing hemp milk. Let’s take a look at the new star in the plant milk show.

This dairy-free beverage is a blend of water and hemp seeds. It tastes creamy, earthy and nutty (hemp seeds are technically nuts). People put it in coffee, tea, cereals and use it as a dairy replacement. As a lot of people are allergic not only to dairy but also tree nuts like almonds, hemp is generally less allergenic.

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In case anybody is concerned that hemp is in any way intoxicating, it isn’t. It’s a misconception that hemp has the same properties as its psychoactive relative, the marijuana plant. Hemp, the cannabis sativa plant, contains other healthy non-psychoactive cannabinoids like cannabidiol and only trace amounts of tetrahydro cannabidiol. Cannabinoids are also mainly found in the leaves and bud of the hemp plant and not the seeds.

Hemp is a Sustainable Choice

Other than health reasons, a big reason people choose to switch to plant milk like hemp is to be more eco-friendly. Hemp is one of the most sustainable plants in the whole world. It’s also one of the world’s most ancient agricultural crops. Hemp makes biofuels, textiles, food and much more.

This versatile and resilient plant truly makes our health and the world better. Why is hemp so sustainable? It doesn’t need pesticides to flourish. It grows in most climates and soils and it’s also a strong carbon sink (absorbs carbon from the atmosphere).

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Nutrition Information

Hemp milk is incredibly healthy. They contain lots of essential health benefits like vitamins and minerals. Hemp seeds are also now being used for protein powder so they have an excellent protein profile. There are also lots of essential fatty acids and healthy fats.

Let’s take a look at what hemp milk is made from:

• 130 Calories

• 4 grams of protein

• 3 grams of fat

• 20 grams of carbohydrates

• 1 gram of fibre

• 15 grams of sugar

• Vitamin A

• Calcium

• Vitamin D

• Vitamin B12

• Iron

• Phosphorus

• Zinc

As hemp milk plant-based, they have much fewer calories and carbohydrates than their animal-derived counterparts. It has a protein profile similar to that of eggs which is pretty impressive. Also, those healthy fats and healthy fats and omega and amino acids are wonderful for heart, brain and gut health.

Dairy allergies or lactose intolerances are on the rise. If you're avoiding animal products, you've probably heard of dairy-free milk alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk and soy milk. However, lots of other plant milks are pushing these kinds of milk off the top spot.  Some of the newer more popular ones are oat milk, cashew nut milk and of course hemp milk.

Hemp Milk Benefits

It's clear that hemp milk has many benefits over both dairy and other plant milk. We know that dairy is hard on the environment but what about other plant milks?

Almond production can be bad for bees, rice milk is thought to be a water guzzler and coconut harvesters can be paid and treated very badly. Hemp milk wins because hemp is a crop that is easy to grow sustainably and fairly. It can actually be a good crop for the environment.

Similarly, from a health and wellness point of view, hemp stands toe to toe with soy milk for offering the most protein value of all the plant milks. Both these dairy-free alternatives contain almost as much protein as animal-based milk.

One thing to watch out for is that you buy hemp milk that states that the hemp is grown sustainably and that there are no added nutrients. Sometimes manufacturers contain extra ingredients and it's always better to eat and drink food that is less processed.

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We know hemp milk is the new kid in town, but we think it's here to stay. It's got no end of benefits and it's one of the most earth-friendly plant milks around.

It's also proving very popular on the taste front with a unique nutty flavour that people don't find as overpowering as almond milk. Take into account all the other ways hemp is used these days to improve our health, and it's no wonder hemp milk is proving popular.

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