CBD to get Rid of your Conor McGregor Rage

23rd August 2019

Conor McGregor announced at the end of March he is to retire from the MMA. A month after losing to Nate Diaz he said he had decided to “retire young” He then opened a bottle of whiskey on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Is he diversifying into the whiskey vaults? Is he going to surprise us all with a CBD-infused Whiskey? Oh…I've started the rumour mill!

How do we decipher the abrupt retirement of Conor McGregor? Time out?

We all know he’ll be fine. He lives a pretty lavish Versace-like lifestyle and spends like a champ. If he never straps on his gloves again he will survive. But will he thrive?

CBD to thrive

You see I’m worried about his mental health and more specifically his anger levels. Will he be able to leave work at the ring as it were and forge a less aggressive path. If you throw whiskey into the mix – which seems to be where he is going – NOT GOOD! Can he turn off his aggression? Could incremental usage of CBD help?

Conor is a bit of a bad boy. Not the mischievous kind like the kind you forgive like Colin Farrell but the one that certain behaviour patterns can not be justified. He doesn't come from the hood – he comes from Crumlin and as far as I know didn't have a troubled poverty-stricken upbringing. Quite the opposite, a loving and supportive family who support and worship him publicly at every fight and juncture. It seems to me that he has become a caricature of his persona – I think he needs some balance in his life. CBD to the rescue.

CBD a heavyweight champion

Strong-arm robbery, criminal misdemeanors and disorderly conduct are some of the charges he has faced in the courtroom over the years. Incidents have been reported of him taking and destroying a fan’s phone. He publicly admitted to having anger and patience issues. He took to Instagram to say he needs to work on his “patience”.

CBD Oil Benefits

The litany of incidents reported go on. Attacking tour buses with trolleys, hitting people, that kind of thing!

STOP PRESSJust last week it emerged that a 50 yr old man was punched in the face back in April in Dublin after he refused to taste the star’s whiskey.

Enough, already Mr McGregor – I would like to introduce you to CBD and its power in male self-care!

Perhaps this is the time that he needs to step back and reevaluate. Taking time out is imperative for mood, anxiety, mental focus, residual anger and patience. This time can’t be rushed.

CBD for balance

His Lordship Jones (Lord Jones) products would appeal to Mr McGregor because of its grand name if nothing else. He is the king of grand gestures. Phase 1 – An indigestible tincture before starting a self-care ritual is purported to help get one in the mood for relaxation.

PHASE 2 – Have a bath – The linchpin of self-care. Try Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower gel or even better Lazy Sunday CBD bath bombs (the original UK CBD BATH BOMB & still the best!) – This is sure to slow Conor down.

Conor is vain. Nothing wrong with this. He loves his threads and has serious swag. I do not think he would object to the detoxifying properties of a mask, while sitting in the bath with Uncle Bud's Belize Seaweed + Hemp Oil Detoxifying Face Mask

Face masks calm the skin and being a Celt I bet his face gets really inflamed when he gets all worked up. Using hemp for CBD can keep your face calm and extend your mood.

CBD oil when rubbed on pressure points can further aid relaxation or he could try CBD all over body lotion post-bath to keep the further calming benefits intact long into the night.

We haven’t even spoken about CBD lube. Might keep that one for his baby mama Dee Devlin and tag her in a future post.

CBD & the UFC


UFC’s Nate Diaz is one of the sports' biggest advocates for CBD and the health benefits it provides professional athletes. After his UFC 202 fight against Conor McGregor, one of the biggest pay-per-views in UFC history, a reporter asked Diaz what substance he was using in his vape pen.

CBD Edibles

“CBD oil, if you don't know what that is,” said Diaz.
Diaz quickly schooled the audience to the benefits of CBD and how it provides an alternative to the pharmaceuticals athletes often use to numb their post-competition pains.

“CBD – it helps with the healing process, inflammation, and stuff like that,” Diaz told reporters. “You can get these [CBD vapes] for before and after training, [it'll] make your life a better place.

CBD is said to provide a natural alternative to many of the opioids athletes are often prescribed for recovery.

You don't have to be a world-class athlete like Diaz or McGregor to enjoy these CBD benefits. Anyone with an active lifestyle, who is looking for a way to enhance performance levels and recovery can gain from using CBD. A new string to your bow in your journey to better health and wellness.

CBD to give Conor a more focused kind of swag

He has been very quiet since he announced his retirement until he challenged Mark Wahlberg to a fight. After offering to host a fight between Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber he then offered to take on Marky Mark! I’d pay to watch that. And then there was the punching a man in the face incident in a local pub in his hometown…….

CBD to give Conor some zen

The man punched in a pub fracas allegedly involving Conor McGregor was left so shaken by the attack he didn’t leave his house for days.
Gardai are continuing to investigate the incident, which occurred at the Marble Arch pub in Dublin back in April.
Footage surfaced on TMZ Sports last week appearing to show McGregor striking the man in the face after he apparently refused a glass of whiskey from the MMA star. If ever we needed evidence that Conor needs CBD to chill it is this!

I can’t wait to see what happens next and I’m damn sure it’ll be the Conor McGregor Show – remember your CBD drops for the love of self-care!

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