CBD Skin Toners – Should You Consider Them?

21st June 2021

Skin toners have been around a long time but they have changed a lot over the years. You probably have one in the bathroom already. They started life as a useful product for problem skin or acne.

Most contained alcohol as this ingredient helps to clear oily skin and remove any remaining traces of make-up or impurities. They are generally used for cleansing before applying or after removing make-up.

How Skin Toners Have Changed

Old school skin toners containing alcohol or witch hazel have astringent qualities to dry the skin and shrink or close the pores. This is really helpful when dealing with blemishes or oily skin but can be too drying for other skin types. So, toners have evolved to cater to more skin types and there are many to choose from on any beauty counter.

They are available in different formulas that might be labeled as a tonic spray, water, spritzer, or cream. And you have many other product options to choose from. Here are just some of the different types of toners available from leading companies:

  • Alcohol-free
  • Sensitive skin or dry skin
  • Moisturising
  • Exfoliating
  • Complexion balancing.

Toners to Cleanse, Soothe, and Moisturise

The main role of a toner is to purify the skin, removing all traces of excess oil or makeup. You wash your face or use a facial cleanser in the usual way. Then you use a toner and – wow – so much more dirt was hiding there.

That can give you a great, clear base to apply your moisturiser or cosmetics. Also, it’s a reassuring way to end the day, going to bed with a clean, fresh face. Your skin now benefits by breathing easily in its natural state.

In addition to cleansing, some toners also work as a moisturiser and promote hydration. The opposite of astringent toners, they claim to help the skin drink up the product, replenishing a tired, dry complexion. This makes them a good base for applying cosmetics or getting that active glow.

To optimise the cleansing qualities, some toners also exfoliate to liven up and bring a fresh vitality to the face. Others target oily skin with ingredients to reduce shine or give a matte look.
You regularly see toners with gorgeous, natural ingredients like aloe, green tea, or rose water. These are all included to benefit the skin, perhaps by soothing or gently revitalising and plumping the skin. They can introduce a fruity, herbal aroma to the product, too.

A New Addition – CBD Skin Toners

You can now choose a type of skin toner that offers something new and different. They are still great for your skin, cleansing, and purifying, but they also contain CBD as an active ingredient. Why would this make a difference and why would you consider swapping it with your usual toner?

We’ve all experienced the annoyance, discomfort, and total embarrassment of a whopping great spot on the chin. Many people, though, face bigger issues with regular skin flares, blackheads, or acne. This stressful situation can lead to redness or inflammation of the skin. There are regular skin toners to calm this but when your skin is irritated, some products can make it worse.

What Can a CBD Toner Do For You?

Research into CBD shows it can have beneficial calming effects, emotionally and physically. People have reported that this calming effect has worked positively on their skin, too. Therefore, a CBD toner may promote the reduction of irritation and swelling.

We are not at our best if we are worried about our looks. Bad hair, bad skin, either can ruin our mood and destroy our personal confidence. Using a CBD toner means that your skin directly absorbs the qualities of CBD that are known to promote wellbeing. Your skin and your confidence are supported throughout the day.

Finding a CBD Skin Toner for You

Even in this new area, there are plenty of products out there. Take a look at Element Vert CBD Skin Care Face Toner. This product offers many benefits and the 118 ml bottle contains 20 mg of CBD. The pure CBD and natural extracts hydrate your skin keeping it nourished and moisturised all day.

Use it in your morning or evening routine but top up whenever you need it. As well as gently removing dirt and impurities, it encourages a soft smoothness and helps to plump any lines.

CBD Skin Toners Are Worth Trying

Regular skin toners you find on the shelf are packed with skin-boosting qualities. They can give a deep clean, prevent breakouts and contribute to healthy skin. But the best CBD skin toner will do this and a little bit more. So should you try one?

When your regular toner alleviates skin problems over time you feel better, of course. But you may have to use it for a long while to see the results. A CBD skin toner will work in the same way – it won’t clear up skin problems instantly. But with added CBD, you could quickly feel the quiet confidence to face everything the day throws at you. You may sleep more restfully too, knowing you have given your best.

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