6 Reasons CBD Can Help You Survive Your Next Camping Trip

27th September 2021

Autumn is here! And it is time to dust the old tent off and find the long-forgotten sleeping bags. It’s time to reclaim the wildness within you! With the cold weather just around the corner, there is no better time to go outdoors than now and spend a few nights where we belong, surrounded by nature.

Camping is always the most rewarding vacation. However, that which comes with great reward flows from the greatest of challenges. And the camping trip is an experience that is brimming with such challenges.

If you are someone that loves camping but wants something to make it a little easier when the bug bites become unbearable or a good night's sleep is hard to come by then CBD could be the answer.

CBD is a must-have survival tool for newbies and experienced camping enthusiasts. It could be a natural help to some of camping's difficulties and truly enhance the camping experience. Let’s have a look at what CBD can do for campers.

A Better Sleep Under the Stars

A good sleep on a camping trip can be hard to come by. A night away from your memory foam mattress and double duvet can be difficult. What makes it even more challenging is you are now sleeping on the hard ground in a crowded stuffy tent.

CBD should help you find the sleep among the stars you were searching for. A few drops of CBD oil before you say goodnight can prepare your body for a deeper and more pleasant sleep.

You can wake up the next morning fresh and ready for the next day of adventure.

A Welcoming Energy Boost

If CBD may help improve sleep, then it comes as no surprise that it may give you an extra energy boost.

Camping can be exhausting. Normally, the day is full of activities. If you are out in the wild, you may have spent the day hiking. Then it can be tough to muster the energy to cook or even socialise in the evenings.

A few drops of CBD during the camping trip can work in similar ways to morning coffee. It could put a little extra pep in your step, improve your mood so you can enjoy your camping trip with the other campers. Take it in the morning or in the evening to give you that extra boost. Then you can continue enjoying the endless stream of beautiful moments camping has to offer.

Soothe Stings and Insect Bites

Although in Europe, we do not need to worry about bears or mountain lions, there are some creatures we must be wary of. Insects!
Insects are the true bane of camping life. A night in a tent with one pesky mosquito can leave you riddled with a bunch of itchy bites. A battle between you and wasp over a half-melted chocolate bar could end up with a nasty swollen sting. And worst of all, a tick may hijack a warmer corner of your leg when you are walking through the woods.

Fear not, a CBD balm or even oil can have soothing effects on the skin. It may calm the itching and even reduce the swelling of particularly bad stings and bites.

It is a great tool to have as CBD is a natural product. Much better than some balms which are full of chemicals and harmful additives.

Calm Sunburn and Burns

It’s time for a full day hike. You feel prepared. You have all the essentials in the backpack. An hour in you realize you have forgotten the sun cream. It’s too late to turn back and a horrible sunburn is inevitable.

Here at Candid, we recommend sunscreen, as prevention is better than cure. However, if you are sunburnt then CBD may be of use. It could work on reducing the pain, inflammation, and redness.

The same goes for more intense burns that happen when cooking or stoking the campfire. Apply a CBD balm to the burn and it should have a soothing effect on the burn mark.

Manage Muscle Aches and Stiffness

If CBD is known for one thing, it is reducing pain. Athletes are using CBD to aid them to speed up muscle recovery and manage muscle stiffness. But as a camper, you are more than just an athlete, you are a fellow of the wild and faster muscle recovery is needed for survival.

The physical intensity of camping can be daunting on the body. All the hiking, swimming, kayaking can take a toll on your muscles, leaving you as stiff as a tent pole. Using a topical CBD balm may help facilitate muscle recovery faster so you can be ready for the next part of the camping adventure.

Appreciate Nature and the World Around You

Why do we choose camping? To get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and to enjoy nature. Being surrounded by nature brings us a sense of calm.

CBD also can be useful for bringing that state of inner peace. If you find yourself still thinking of work or the stress finds a way to disrupt your camping trip. CBD could help you relax and forget about those stresses.

You can be one with nature with CBD while camping. You can truly be present and enjoy the starry sky, the warmth of the campfire, and the laughs of the people you decide to spend the camping trip with.

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