CBD and lube – a match made in heaven

17th March 2019

If you haven’t already incorporated lubricant into the bedroom, we have just one question for you – why on earth not?

For some reason, there’s a huge amount of stigma around using lubricant during sex (well, in the heterosexual community anyways). 

There’s a huge misconception that using lubricant during sex is somehow only for “dried up” old ladies (and we don’t even have the time to unpack that cesspit of ageism and misogyny). In reality, this could not be farther from the truth. 

No matter what age you are or how horny you are, there are a myriad of reasons why someone with a vagina may not be producing enough of their own natural lubricant to keep the party going. Things like hormonal changes, certain medications, birth control, and problems with blood pressure can all affect how much of your own natural lubricant you can produce. 

CBD Oil Benefits

But using lubricant shouldn’t just be sidelined for people experiencing dryness – because lubricant just makes all sex way better. Lube is the unsung hero of all sexual activity, making everything feel warmer, slippier, smoother and just all-round awesome. In the words of Disney’s Sebastian the crab, “Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter” (yes, those words really were sung in a kids movie). 

When lubricant is paired with CBD, there is endless potential for lots of warming, tingly goodness. While studies on the sexual benefits of CBD are lacking, there is considerable research around cannabidiol and it’s potential to improve blood flow and decrease anxiety, two vital elements for any sexual endeavor. Topical CBD has also been shown to help release physical tension, to get your body feeling relaxed and ~in the mood. 

Whether used alone or with a partner (or two, or three, whatever you’re into), CBD lube can be a serious game changer, turning a pretty standard roll around in the sheets into a tantric sex fest. Here’s some of the best CBD lubricants available on the market to try out. Play on, player. 

The Organic Lube – Foria Awaken

Foria make two different types of cannabis-infused lubricant – Foria Pleasure, and Foria Awaken. Foria Pleasure contains THC, but since the legality of THC differs from place to place, it’s only available for delivery in California, Colorado and Canada. 

After the release of their highly popular THC lube, Foria created Foria Awaken, which is described as a “natural arousal oil with CBD and synergistic botanicals”. 

This multi-aphrodisiac blend of botanicals contains broad-spectrum CBD from hemp grown organically in the U.S, and is available to ship internationally. It is also conveniently formulated specifically for anyone with a vagina, to decrease dryness and discomfort while also enhancing pleasure and tactile sensation during sexual activity. 

Foria Awaken has a tantalisingly rich mint chocolate aroma, so you can feel like a literal snack. Considering it’s also edible (as well as vegan and gluten-free), you and your partner are free to eat each other up for as long as you both can last. 

Since Foria Awaken is oil-based, just keep in mind that it cannot be used with latex condoms, as the oil will cause the latex to break down leaving you at risk for exposure to STIs and/or unintended pregnancy. When using toys or other physical contraception like diaphragms with Foria Awaken, make sure they’re made out of an oil-safe material like silicone. 

Considering it contains organic MCT coconut oil, Foria Awaken is also not safe for anyone with a “tree nut” allergy. Coconut oil based lubricants may also be unsuitable for anyone that is prone to vaginal infections, such as yeast infections because of its naturally occurring sugars. If you experience any negative reactions, discontinue use and consult your nearest GUM clinic. 

The Latex-Friendly Lube Kush Queen Ignite CBD Lube

Latex-condom users rejoice – Kush Queen’s Ignite CBD lubricant is water-based, which makes it perfectly safe to use with conventional latex condoms as well as silicone sex toys. Ignite contains 30mg of CBD per bottle to give your nether regions a subtle botanical boost, while also being paraben and petrochemical free for sensitive skin types.  

Kush Queen have also released a special edition of their beloved Ignite CBD lube just in time for Pride month, with 20% of all pride collection product sales directly benefiting Trans Lifeline, a U.S. trans-led organization dedicated to improving the lives of trans people. Through direct service, advocacy and education, Trans Lifeline aim to fight the epidemic of suicide among the trans community through justice-oriented, collective community aid. 

So if you feel like doing some good for others (while doing a lot of good for yourself), pick up Kush Queen’s special Ignite CBD lube pride edition – your body and Trans Lifeline will thank you for it. 

The Multitasker – Intimate CBD Massage Oil

This dual-purpose body oil from LoveHoney is perfect for massaging every inch of yourself and your partner. Whether you’re just unwinding after a long day, or taking things a little further – this moisturizing massage oil is formulated with nourishing sweet almond oil and vitamin E to keep skin irresistibly soft. 

Unfortunately, this massage is not latex safe, since it’s oil based – so if you rely on latex contraception like dental dams and latex condoms, this oil is a no-go. However, if you and your partner are using hormonal contraception and have recently gotten an all-clear for STIs, feel free to oil each other up for a good time. 

To find out how to use CBD massage to amp up your sex life, check out our how-to guide on giving your partner a killer rub down.

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