CBD and Boxing

24th June 2019

In the exciting world of boxing, any advantage or small gain you can have on your opponent can be the difference between winning and losing. This is why CBD could be such a game changer for boxing professionals everywhere. In fact, while it might be good for boxers it’s probably a positive for anyone in contact sports. Whether it’s boxing, rugby, American football, kickboxing, the end result can often be the same; damaging effects to the brain. So what can be done?

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. While study is still ongoing into what CBD is capable of within the human body, particularly in relation to the endocannabinoid system, the future does look very bright for CBD. So what can CBD do for boxers?

Anyone who watches a boxing match, in fact, scratch that, anyone, just anyone, will know that getting hit in the head, ain’t a whole lot of fun. Your brain is undergoing serious trauma every single time you suffer a punch to the noggin. As UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, put it on his podcast, it results in a slow ‘slow degrading of your cognitive ability.’ This can be clearly evidenced by many professional fighters in their later years.

So just how can a little known chemical compound like CBD and boxing go together? Boxing is a high intensity sport, Many fighters, such as UFC fighter Nate Diaz, use CBD to shorten their recovery times and decrease inflammation of muscles.

Fighters Using CBD?

Joe Valtellini, a former Muay Thai kickboxer who appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, said that, following a particularly brutal concussion, he had to stay in a dark room for three weeks because the light was too intense for his brain. Doctors at the time prescribed him Percocet. This is an FDA-approved drug that has been at the centre of an addiction epidemic since the 1990’s. As you might expect, this did little to reduce his suffering. However, once Valtellini started using CBD he found his pain disappear basically overnight.

CBD Appreciation Club

While this may seem anecdotal, Valtellini is not alone in his appreciation for what CBD has done for his life. Shannon Briggs, a boxer and previous heavyweight champion, suffered a mental breakdown after a devastating loss in 2010. In 2014, he came back to stunning success and said that it was all thanks to CBD. Now he’s campaigning to legalize CBD in the United States.

Teofimo Lopez at only 21 years old has been a professional fighter since the 2016 Olympics and has already gained sponsorship from many CBD companies. He cites oral CBD products as the prime reason for his fast physical and mental recovery.

If these three professionals are anything to go by, it’s just a small drop in the ocean of what CBD can potentially do. It’s not just for fighters. Everyone can benefit from CBD. If you enjoyed this post, checkout how CBD can help pre and post workout.

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