Canndid Announces a New CBD Products Range

5th January 2020

As of today, Canndid 100% hemp CBD range is available in the UK, it include Gummies, tinctures, oils, creams, tea, coffee and CBD pouces.

Canndid are available for sale in the United Kingdom exclusively through CBD Village, The initial product offering will be limited to ensure any customer feedback is acted upon and we will give out customers the range they deserve and demand.

Since launching Canndid in 2016, we have has emerged as a leading educational brand in US, Australia and UK.   The Company decided to launch its 100% hemp CBD line across the UK before expending into the US markets planned for June 2020.Canndid Pouches Blackcurrant Anise

“Our primary goals at Canndid is to put our quality products in the hands of as many consumers as possible, and we believe working with local suppliers to provides us with the best product, we hope with AllaboutCBD a Yorkshire based manufacturer to make that goal a reality in the United Kingdom,” stated David Hughes, CEO and Co-founder of Canndid.

“Partnering with AllaboutCBD, a leading edibles manufacturer and our CBD supplier we hope that this below the line launch will be a great first step before CBD expansion beyond the UK”  commented Justine Gika, COO.

For your chance to try Canndid CBD please visit CBD Village and please send as much feedback as possible as we wish to see what flavours you prefer, we have 8 pouches to choose from and 7 tinctures flavours as well as a mixed fruit gummy range. Use code LOVE for 25% off till December 31st 2019.

canndid tincture
Enjoy life with Canndid CBD Products
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