Can CBD Cure my Hangover?

22nd January 2019

Drinking can be a lot of fun and who doesn’t like to get a little buzzed every once in a while? (In moderation, of course). Alcohol however, the cruel mistress doesn’t exactly share the same mutual love. With the side effects of consuming too much including fatigue, headaches, dizziness, sensitivity to sound and light, and worse of all, nausea.

Alcohol, It’s A Cruel Mistress

No matter how bad alcohol treats us, we never really learn, always coming back for more. Ironically, whilst we know what causes hangovers humanity hasn’t really come up with a staple go-to cure. If you have ever suffered from a painfully distressing hangover (You know the one… *Google searches* Can you die from a hangover) you know that you’ll try almost anything to cure it. So, what about CBD? Could it take away that pounding headache or the 15 minute intervals of vomiting?

The Cure we Have Been Searching for?

CBD does have some potential in easing your hangover but we wouldn’t be disregarding the paracetamol or hydrating liquids anytime soon. It doesn’t mean that CBD is all bad, it just means that there isn’t enough scientific evidence to link CBD to the cure we have all been searching for. However, given pure Cannabidiol’s safe profile, it may just be something worth looking into.  

We all know that one of the quickest ways to ease the pain is to reach for rehydrating liquids and electrolyte filled foods. Since claims suggest that CBD is a known neuroprotectant and has antioxidant properties, consuming it ‘the morning after the night before’ could be useful. The chemical compound could bring some much-needed vitamins back into your life and help flush out nasty toxins.

Relief From Headaches and Nausea

Another thing that could help is CBD’s potential as an anti-inflammatory. Researchers are pretty optimistic about this benefit and its ability to help treat conditions like arthritis. Interestingly, scientists have been focusing on the role of cannabis in treating headaches and are said to have found “sufficient anecdotal and preliminary results”.

And finally, the worst hangover symptom of all, the nausea. Some research suggests that cannabinoids have the potential to ease an upset stomach. For example “ A a 2011 review of pre-clinical and clinical trials found that CBD effectively treated nausea and vomiting, particularly in patients undergoing chemotherapy”.

The New Cure?

Due to the direct link in research between CBD and hangovers we’re still on the fence to whether it could cure your hangover. I mean there is only one thing to do, go out have a few drinks and find out. On the other hand we could try drinking a little less… but that’s no fun!

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