Best CBD Moisturiser For Dry Skin (2022)

26th April 2021

Where would we be without moisturisers – especially moisturiser for dry skin. We all incorporate moisturisers into our morning and nighttime routines. With that, the competition is high, and that leaves us wondering if we’re using the best of the best.

Skin concerns come in all shapes and sizes. Fret not, as specialists are constantly innovating with new ingredients to develop products that give us noticeably visible results. We’re sure you’ve already heard of CBD skincare, so we’re here to give some insight into how CBD is paving the way for glowing skin.

So, what does CBD do for healthy-looking skin? Take a look at common skin concerns that call for using a CBD-rich product, specifically the best face moisturiser for dry skin UK. We've hand-picked five CBD skincare products that we think you’ll love. We know we do!

CBD Moisturiser – How is it Different?

The world of skincare is making space for more CBD products every day. They’re creeping up everywhere – in-store and online – and rightly so.

CBD skincare products are often targeted towards those with mature skin, but we’ve found that they are an important addition at any stage in life. We should aim to look after our skin today – not tomorrow. Additionally, that means we can try to prevent – not just reduce.

Sometimes flaky, sore, and downright rough – we all know what dry skin is. Truth is, it doesn’t matter what age you are, your skin will thank you for providing it with hydrating, fresh-face-inducing antioxidants.

Let’s Compare – Who Does the Best Moisturiser For Dry Skin?

Poko CBD

If you’re curious about the benefits of using a CBD moisturiser for dry skin, look to Poko. They have built their brand on extensive research in the CBD industry. All their products contain the active all-natural CBD ingredient – and so they should.

Proudly Irish, Poko boasts of being vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They never test on animals, and never use any animal byproducts, making them 100% Poko Perfect.

Must-Have Poko CBD Moisturiser

Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser

Often talked about as the best moisturiser for dry skin, this hydrating moisture bomb gives us everything we need. A combination of botanical oils and CBD antioxidant properties help lock in moisture, while olive oil works as a natural emollient to help dry skin retain water.

Made up of 99.5% water, aloe vera juice quenches dry and dehydrated skin. Apricot kernel oil is high in omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, which supports skin hydration.

One of the things we love most about this moisturiser for dry skin is how versatile it is. Poko suggests using it twice a day, morning or night. We have a secret – we pop it into our bag for daily hydration on the go!

They even formulated the product to be used with your favourite foundation. You can consider mixing up your own concoction with your favourite make-up for an added sprinkling of moisture!

Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser 

Treating dry skin can be a little bit more technical than simply using a cream that feels good. There’s a lot of science behind it. But, let’s leave the work up to the scientists – and we’ll just enjoy the ride.

Our skin needs collagen in order to stay young-looking and hydrated. This sometimes means collagen inducing moisturisers tend to be targeted for those with more mature skin. However, its benefits for young skin shouldn’t be ignored either.

As we age, our bodies naturally slow down the production of collagen. Incorporating active products into our skincare routine early is one of the best ways to ensure our skin stays supple and continues to glow.

Like the Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser, the ingredients are much the same – but with added matrixyl 3000 to stimulate collagen production. Use this guy twice daily – morning or night. We find it works particularly well as a night cream, but suggest popping on some SPF the next day – you should be anyway!

Ion Pure CBD

Ion Pure cover everything CBD – from edibles such as cookies and honey to tinctures, or topical creams. They use organically grown hemp, extracted from a variety of different cannabis plants.

The brand prides itself on providing a range of products formulated using high-quality CBD. You definitely won’t be stuck for all your CBD needs by choosing Ion Pure.

Must-Have Ion Pure CBD Moisturiser

ION Pure CBD Face & Body Moisturiser

The luxury face and body moisturiser is a fan favourite for its versatility and hydrating formula. ION Pure CBD also sees the benefits of using the fan favourite apricot kernel oil in conjunction with CBD for its high omega fatty content. These super active lightweight ingredients work together to hydrate the skin and keep it supple.

We can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your skin from harmful environmental factors. Damage from the sun or the wind can lead to the quickening of mature-looking skin, increasing the visible effects of a dry texture. This cream blends vitamin C from apricot kernel oil and vitamin E together with essential oils and shea butter to nourish dry skin – which should give you some much-needed recovery care.

CBD Oil Benefits

This cream comes in two intoxicating flavours scented with essential oils, pomegranate and bamboo, or watermelon and cucumber. Best yet, why not use this CBD moisturiser daily on your body, too? We always appreciate a product that goes a long way!

The Beemine Lab

We love a brand the looks after the environment while managing to create high-quality CBD products. After all, CBD comes from the earth – so let’s respect it. Introducing The Beemine Lab, who use the power of cannabis combined with the derivatives of beekeeping in their skincare products.

They are an impactful brand that combines caring for nature with caring for your skin. Here at Candid, we’ve seen how powerful brand values can transcend into skincare products for dry skin – so let’s get to it.

Must-Have The Beemine Lab CBD Moisturiser

CBD Hydrating Facial Cream

The Beemine Lab cleverly uses honey in conjunction with CBD to soothe and protect dry and irritated skin. Using 98.30% natural ingredients, and 100% cruelty-free, the moisturiser has a light texture that is easily absorbed and easily accessible for your dry skin.

Bee honey acts as a unique ingredient to provide luminous skin that is relieved of irritating damage caused by external weather conditions. Additionally, honey is said to have analgesic properties, which calms pain by reducing the pain receptors present in our skin. More specifically, it affects the production of prostaglandins, which controls the process of inflammation or blood flow when our skin feels particularly sensitive.

As well as CBD and honey, the brand uses a minimal list of simple ingredients such as bee wax hemp, aloe vera, and butter calendula oil. Simple and pure ingredients mean that we trust their judgement.

We suggest using this cream daily – morning or night – to reap the best benefits. Another great tip is to use this cream under your favourite SPF for added dewiness.

Don’t Forget the Eyes

Correcting Eye Cream From Poko

Dry skin is one thing, but dry skin around the eyes is no fun either. Whatever moisturiser you choose, we recommend keeping your eyes in check. Who wants puffy, dark circles, along with irritatingly dry skin? – no, thanks!

The Correcting Eye Cream from Poko is a fan favourite, and it’s no secret. Its lightweight formula looks after our delicate under-eye skin using a hydrating blend of CBD and avocado oil. Raspberry extract is used as an antioxidant to treat horrifying damage that UV rays cause to our under eyes. Meanwhile, fig extract helps to even out our skin tone.

Part of the Rejuvenate range, it can be used by itself twice daily or with Poko’s other moisturising goodies. The applicator makes it really easy to dot the product under the eyes – so no excuses! This product is a great addition to any of the above mentioned best face moisturiser for dry skin in the UK, as part of a perfect routine.

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