9 Athletes Who Use CBD Oil

31st January 2020

CBD oil continues to grow in popularity, especially for athletes who find it great for relieving pain and inflammation often caused by their relentless pursuit of sporting greatness.

A recent decision by the World Anti Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances which has resulted in more and more top athletes turning to this phenomenal cannabis compound.

As CBD does not produce the high typically associated with the herb it is now being used throughout the world before, during, and after sport. Here we take a look at well-known sporting personalities who are advocates for this pharmacological wonder.

1. Ricky Williams – NFL

NFL superstar and hall of fame legend Ricky Williams has been a long-time advocate of the power of cannabis. The rigours of the modern-day game with its sheer physicality and constant trauma to the head led Ricky to the cannabis plant to help deal with the pain and inflammation.

Ricky has now set up a unique CBD brand, Real Wellness, that combines organic CBD oil together with traditional herbal medicines of the orient such as Passionflower, Lemon Myrtle and others to create a concoction of medicinal marvel.

2. Dom Day & George Kruis – Rugby

Professional English and Welsh rugby players Dom Day and George Kruis know all too well the powerful impact CBD can have on the body. Having played rugby for over 20 years and gone under the knife a total of 12 times between them, these hugely successful international players use CBD to help deal with the trauma the sport has had on their bodies.

CBD was so good at helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle that they set up the well known FourFive CBD brand. This high-grade all-natural brand features CBD oils, balms and capsules.

3. Gina Mazany – UFC

Gina Mazany is a mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC. She uses CBD to help cope with the intense physical challenges of her sport and in one interview, the former women’s bantamweight champion says: “There are so many ways that CBD can benefit everyone in one way or another”.

It is believed that Gina uses CBD oil not only to deal with the inflammation from being constantly punched but also for the pain that comes along with it. It is also believed that she uses CBD to help with her anxiety and sleep problems.

4. KC Deane – Skier and Mountain Biker

KC Deane is a world-famous skier and world-class mountain biker who regularly uses CBD to help recover from the injuries that are part and parcel of his chosen sports. The adrenaline junkie could also use CBD’s calming effects as a way to remain in control as he speeds down mountains at silly speeds all for fun!

5. Jay Williams – NBA Basketballer

Jay Williams is a former NBA pro basketballer who has been highlighting the importance and benefits of medicinal cannabis products for a number of years now. The former Chicago Bulls player was addicted to painkillers such as oxycontin for over 5 years but with the help of cannabis was able to relieve this dependence. He promotes CBD as a great way for athletes to reduce inflammation and pain without having the euphoric high like effect which may affect performance.

6. Caleb Marshall – Celebrity Trainer

Caleb Marshall aka The Fitness Marshall is a huge fan of CBD and what it can do for fitness fanatics. The celebrity trainer and star of the viral dance channel The Fitness Marshall says “My muscles are always sore, especially my neck. I use a CBD lotion to help ease the aches and relax.” The 26-year-old says he doesn’t have a lot of time to recover when on tour and finds CBD lotion helps him recover fast and efficiently.

7. Nate Diaz – UFC Fighter

World-famous UFC fighter Nate Diaz caused a stir in the mixed martial arts world when in a post-match press conference he began vaping CBD oil. Cannabinoids at the time were not allowed and rather than ban the highly influential fighter, a decision was made to make the ‘Nate Diaz rule’ which effectively lifted the ban on CBD in the UFC. Nate uses CBD to reduce inflammation and help with the intense pain following a fight.

8. Liz Letchford

Liz is a trainer and PhD scientist who promotes the use of CBD amongst her long list of clients. Her rigorous schedule leaves no room for error and so she relies on CBD to help her recover quickly and help with any pain from the workouts. Speaking to SVN Space she says: “There is a systemic calming effect with CBD that I take advantage of whenever I am feeling anxious or recovering from a neurologically demanding workout”.

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