5 Green New Years Resolutions

30th December 2019

Every day we are reminded of how our human habits are slowly but surely destroying this planet and all living things here. As a collective, we are ultimately responsible but individually we can feel helpless to this somewhat insurmountable challenge.

Yet If we learn anything from great leaders and thinkers of the past it is that we must ‘be the change we wish to see in the world.'

By making small changes we encourage others to do the same and maybe just maybe we can halt this devastation. Either that or if the world does end at least we won't feel too guilty as at least we made some effort.

What is CBD?

Peopel are increasingly aware of the numerous benefits of hemp, but here are some ways you can start that domino effect of change today.

Switch to Hemp Seed Protein

Animals are our main source of protein but an ever-growing population has led farmers to destroy forests in exchange for pastures. These animals then account for around 50% of methane emissions resulting in the deadly greenhouse gases.

Switch to Hemp seed protein which is a rich source of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Be the difference and feel the difference.

Choose Loose Fruit & Veg

Plastic bags and single-use plastics are a horrendous reminder of how petroleum products have devastated our oceans and our land. By bringing a reusable shopping bag with you and buying loose fruit and veg you can reduce your plastic footprint help the environment.

Fruit and Veg Organic

Choose Organic Food

A lot of food is GMO derived and sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and inorganic fertilizers. Not only is this toxic for our health it also destroys the ground at our feet and all the nutrients it contains. Choose organic food that is so much healthier for you and produced by farmers who use organic practices with no nasty chemicals.

Purchase Organic Cotton or Hemp Clothing

Cotton is dreadful for the planet. The chemicals used to grow it severely degrade the soil, artificial fertilizers used emit nitric oxide which destroys the ozone layer and it uses 20,000 litres of water for only 1 kilo of cotton!

Organic cotton or better still organic hemp clothing uses no artificial chemicals nor anywhere near as much water. In fact hemp clothing is lighter, stronger, softer and more breathable than cotton. Even more amazing is that when hemp is growing it cleans the soil all the while returning nutrients to it in an exchange known as phytoremediation.

Convince Your Boss to Work from Home

If you work on a computer all day and have access to the internet at home, then it makes sense to work from home at least one day a week. This will cut down on traffic and the resulting emissions as well as simply make you feel better as you create a good work-life balance.

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