3 Tips to Kick the Smoking Habit

10th January 2020

Nicotine is a clever chemical that activates dopamine receptors in the brain releasing happy chemicals thus tricking us into associating smoking with feeling good.

On the contrary, our intellectual side reminds us that it stinks, tastes awful, is slowly killing us and that the benefits of quitting far outweigh those of smoking.

This habit we can rid of once and for all when we finally make the decision to quit. To help us along and make the transition a little easier there are a number of things we can do such as avoiding people smoking and keeping busy at times we would otherwise be puffing away.

Here are some more helpful tips that will help you on your way to a better, healthier life.


Exercise is a great alternative and a fantastic distraction from smoking. When you exercise your body releases the chemicals anandamide as well as endorphins which produce that ‘runners high’. These natural opioids will replace that happy feeling once felt by nicotine.


You will slowly but surely begin to look and feel better and as your fitness levels increase you can start looking at taking up a new hobby or sport and feel good all the time!

Choose Hempettes

Hempettes look and smoke like normal cigarettes but they only contain pure organic CBD-rich hemp flowers and leaves. This means NO nicotine, No tobacco and NONE of those nasty chemicals that are in the typical cigarette. Just honest hemp plant.

By smoking a hempette you absorb CBD as well as the other cannabinoids which users say produces an immediate calming effect. CBD may also lower the anxiety and irritability that arise in the initial period of quitting smoking and has been shown to reduce cue-induced behaviours.

Vape CBD

Vaping CBD is an enjoyable experience that is similar to smoking in the sense that you inhale but rather than blow out toxic smoke you blow out vapor. There is no nicotine, no tobacco and none of the other chemicals from cigarettes.



There are now more people who have given up smoking than there are people who smoke.

Quitting is not a matter of if you can do it but rather if you want to do it. Make a decision. Set a day that you will start and take it one step at a time. If you fail at first, start again.

If you need a helping hand then switching to hempettes will give you the sensory experience associated with smoking but none of the deadly toxins in cigarettes.

Research suggests CBD may help mitigate some of the withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and irritability as well as help stop addictive behaviours.

Remember to reward yourself for every day that you stay away from the dreaded cigarette.

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