Yuko Mohri’s ‘Voluta’ at Camden Arts Centre

18th August 2018

Camden Arts Centre is an internationally renowned contemporary arts institution that places artists at the core of its programme. Striving to involve members of the public in the ideas and processes of today’s leading and emerging contemporary artists, Camden Arts Centre has become a place for cutting-edge and trailblazing contemporary art exhibitions.
This summer season’s exhibition programme includes Tokyo-based experimental sound artist Yuko Mohri’s, Voluta, which features a site-specific installation that encapsulates the environmental and architectural landscapes of one of Camden Art Centre’s gallery spaces. In this exhibit, Mohri orchestrates relationships between the invisible and intangible forces of electromagnetism, the movement of air, and refracted particles of light in the water of a fish tank to activate a series of stunning kinetic sculptures.

Informed by Japanese concepts such as “Suki” (a state of openness) and the Western philosophy of animism (objects, places and creatures possessing a distinct spiritual essence), Mohri is fascinated by the intrinsic feelings and energies that exist between architectural spaces and the natural environments that they exist in.

Yuko Mohri, Untitled, 2018. Courtesy the artist

In putting together seemingly disparate elements of ordinary items like spoons, magnets and fishing wire, Mohri’s installations are like autonomous ecosystems that sense what Mohri describes as “hidden energies usually ignored.” Behind each material is a force that enables the visitor to sense and understand the physics in every piece.

Installation view of ‘Yuko Mohri: Voluta’, at Camden Arts Centre, 2018 Photo: Damian Griffiths; courtesy Camden Arts Centre

Voluta, the title of the exhibition, refers to the spiralling of a sea snail shell and calls to mind sacred geometric symbols and architectural decorations. This volute curve is found in two of her newest sculptures where draped and coiled music cables decode musical notes into a vibrational electro-magnetic field.
Yuko Mohri’s Voluta is a sculptural assembly of musically-tuned and choreographed objects that produce delicate and improvisatory sounds, movements and visual displays. This exploration of sound, light, movement and magnetism will have you both mystified and captivated.
Words by Dominic Lauren
Yuko Mohri’s Voluta will be running alongside Peter Fraser’s Mathematics at Camden Arts Centre, London, until 16 September 2018

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