Ways You Can Upcycle Your CBD Product Packaging

1st November 2021

It’s not unusual to throw away a product’s packaging after we have used it. I mean when do we ever think “oh I better hold onto the plastic container to store my pens or because I’m dying to create a craft or DIY”? Rarely ever and it’s not surprising since it can be challenging to think of upcycling ideas if it even pops into your mind.

This is no different when it comes to CBD product packaging. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, particularly for younger people. For this reason, many are looking at how they can reuse their current ‘trash’ and turn it into ‘treasure’.

But is there a way you can utilise the packaging of your CBD products and turn them into something useful? The good news is there is. Despite the type of material – glass, plastic, cardboard – you can transform your product packaging into useful gadgets, smart storage, and works of art.

As a result, be part of the zero-waste movement. What’s more, you get to enjoy yourself and let your creativity loose. Let’s explore how you can upcycle your CBD product packaging below.

How Reusing Can Make a Difference

You may not realise it but reusing items and transforming them into something else has numerous environmental benefits and can truly make a difference. We live in a throwaway society but reusing and upcycling items can help to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit pollution.

Most products and materials require a certain amount of energy to create so if you throw the product away when it can be used to create something else, it is often a bit wasteful. Reusing the packaging of your old products can save a lot of energy as a result. Beyond that, you stop the product’s packaging from entering landfills where it has a more significant impact on the environment.

You reduce your carbon footprint by reusing while also lessening greenhouse gas emissions. Disposing of waste is considered to contribute massively to the emission of carbon gases. As a result, reusing your waste will make a big difference in lessening global warming as you will be reducing carbon emissions.

How to Upcycle CBD Product Packaging

Now that you know reusing and upcycling your CBD product packaging can truly make a difference, let’s get into some DIYs you can do at home! We’re going to delve into some different types of product packaging and the many ways you can reuse them.

Glass Jars

While you can recycle glass containers, it is always best to try and find ways to reuse them. Once you have finished your product, simply clean them out and remove any labels and you are good to go. The amount of things you can do with glass containers is endless!

You can use them to hold stationery like pencils and markers or even art supplies like paintbrushes. Alternatively, you could pop your makeup brushes in them. If you want to up the ante, you could take some acrylic paint and paint them or get some fun coloured paper to wrap them in.

Beyond stationary and makeup supplies, you could also transform that glass container into a pot for a small plant! How cool is that? Or even use them to store food ingredients such as seeds, spices, or even some cookies, depending on the size of your jar.

Another thing you can do with glass jars is make your own candles, you can easily source fragrances and wax online to truly make it your own. You can also create a DIY faux stained glass with glass jars by simply popping a tea light inside them and sticking some coloured tissue paper to the outside.

Medium Sized Plastic Containers

If you want to make a really big difference, reusing plastic containers is the way to go! There are so many things you can do with these containers. Despite plastic’s rep, it is a pretty sturdy material, which is why it is so commonly used.

Similar to glass jars, you can decorate them however you like. You can use them for storage or for holding DIY products. Yes, that’s right, you could even make your own body butter or scrub and store them in these containers! Depending on the size, you may not be able to grow a big plant but you could certainly use them to grow some veggies.

In particular, the Poko Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser plastic container would be perfect for this. For reusing containers like the Poko Luxury Facial Oil, you could fill that container up with a DIY hair oil – after all, it has the perfect applicator. If you are an aloe vera juice fan, you could even pop the juice in here for easy application when using it for skin, burns, and more.

In the case of the Canndid Pouch containers, these can be reused as a place to store chewing gum or mints or even tobacco, if you are a smoker. You could also DIY your own face masks and store them in here.

Small Plastic Containers

When it comes to small plastic containers, you may be thinking: how on Earth will I reuse those? Don’t worry though, there are lots of things you can use them for! For one thing, you can use them to store small food items or other bits and bobs.

If you really want to up the ante though, you could collect 6-8 of them and combine them with a plastic food takeaway container to make the ultimate zero waste mini greenhouse. Simply fill the mini plastic containers with a small amount of soil and plant seeds. Then watch them grow with immense pride!

You could achieve this with your leftover pots after using up the Poko balms for example. In addition, you can use small plastic containers to store your paints while you create the ultimate piece of art.

Not to mention, a place to store spare change in your car for those tolls or parking fees! On the other hand, when it comes to longer plastic containers like the Poko Correcting Eye Cream, you may feel a bit more limited.

But not to worry, after you have used up your Poko Correcting Eye Cream, you have the perfect excuse to create a DIY lip balm, lipstick, or gloss, and the perfect applicator to apply it on your lips! Similar to the luxury oil, you could also pop hair oil or the likes of aloe vera juice in here.

Are You Pumped to Upcycle Your Product Packaging Now?

As you can see now, there are many ways you can reuse this ‘trash’ and turn it into ‘treasure’. Between creating the ultimate zero waste art storage or a place for your leafy children to grow, the options are endless. The type of packaging does not make a huge difference either.

Whether it is oddly shaped or a traditional jar, you can transform it into something really cool. Not to mention, you can decorate and customise it until your heart’s content. What a great activity that is not only kind to your mind but to the planet as well.

There are so many other DIYs out there but are you pumped to start upcycling your product packaging? It seems all that is left to do is get started and have some fun!

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