Smokers are now Vapers and Smoking is now Vaping

29th August 2017

If you’ve been to a music festival this summer, you’ve seen people vaping – inhaling vapors from handheld metallic devices. So popular is it, often the dominant social media hand will have the mobile phone replaced with a vaporizer or e-cigarette. Vaping even has songs written in its honour and countless playlists that aim to enhance the experience. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about here, consider this your official heads up, smokers are now vapers and smoking is now vaping.

Photograph by Q Brickell

Vaporizer, electronic cigarette, PV, e-cig, eGo, PVS – there are quite a few sobriquets for the cigarette alternative whose benefits far outweigh the old smokes of yesteryear. But what exactly is vaping? It’s inhaling and exhaling water vapor produced from a vaporizer or any of its synonyms. Daily Vaping sums it up nicely: a vaporizer usually consists of battery, main console or housing, cartridges, and atomizer or cartomizer. The battery generates the power for the heating element in the atomizer or cartomizer, which contacts the vaping material and transforms it into vapor for inhalation.

Photograph by Austin J. Laird Currier

What are you inhaling exactly? Good question. E-liquids (a base of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, flavouring and possibly nicotine) are the most standard, but you can also use dry herbs and concentrates of wax – you just have to make sure your device is set up for whatever substance you wish to vape.

It might seem like vaping is a new phenomenon, but it’s actually been kicking around for a long time, millennia in fact. But its current uphill climb on the trend chart started around the mid-2000s, and today, according to a study by YouGov on behalf of Action on Smoking and Health, an estimated 2.9 million adults in Great Britain vape, and the majority are male. We have a sneaking suspicion that it might be down to the clunky, not-so-elegant contraptions – in direct comparison to a slender tobacco cigarette.

Photograph by Tori Roderic

We love a good music festival, but we also spend a good chunk of time at fashion weeks and if our observation is anything to go by, vaping can and will be used as an accessory. While we’re at it, let’s talk about aesthetics. While vaping doesn’t quite have the visual appeal of Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire or James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause, unlike conventional smoking, vaping does not result in the unpleasant ‘smoker’s breath’, nor does it cause tooth discolouration – a major bonus. And of course vaping does have its own celebrity endorsers: Zayn Malik, Drake, Bruno Mars, Elyar, Leonard diCaprio and Tom Hardy.

Photograph by Lindsay Fox

Hitting some of the late summer festivals or travelling to one of the big four cities for a fashion week? As long as you keen your vaporiser clean, charged and know the rules as to where you can vape, en masse gatherings are a prime place to kick back and enjoy – you just have to make sure you take along everything you’ll need: your vaporiser of choice, e-liquids, batteries and or a charger and a means in which to clean it.

Photograph by Mart Lok

We’re not suggesting to go out and start vaping (you would be ingesting chemicals after all), however, if you are going to have a vice, why not choose the cleaner/safer option?

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