Van Orton Design Climbs Pop Mountain With Colmar

20th December 2018

For the first time, Van Orton Design creates a total technical look for snow lovers. The Colmar collab pieces are filled with colour from the 1980s.

Most of the world has been obsessed with the 90s for a long time now, but Colmar teams up with Van Orton Design and gives us Pop Mountain: A collection finding its passion in the mythical 1980s, which have iconic films such as Back to the Future and Gremlins as a reference point.
Candid's Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, thrives in the thought that his childhood nostalgia is making its way back to common awareness and gives us a glimpse of the collection.
Van Orton Design

They've begun their adventure in sportswear

For those of you who are not aware of Van Orton Design, it's the pseudonym of Marco and Stefano Schiavon.
These twins from Rivoli, born in 1983, are digital natives and have been a smash hit on the Internet and are now working with international brands, from records to design.
Now they've begun their adventure in sportswear as they team up with Colmar.
Van Orton Design

Geometrics rich in patterns and textures

The mountains, skiers and iconic winter symbols have been transformed respectively into a jacket, a fleece and a T-shirt where all the Van Orton Design styles are to be found.
Geometrics rich in patterns and textures and softer and more artistic styles all merged with the enormous know-how, technology and experience that Colmar has acquired in ninety-five years of history.
Van Orton Design

Immortalised in petrol blue

Skiers are printed on the fleeces made from single-sided brushed stretch fabric inside and smooth fabric on the outside. One skier is immortalised in a trick against a petrol blue background.
Van Orton Design

Functionality combines with and high aesthetics

‘In case of snow…Colmar' was the historical claim conceived in the 1970s, inspired by the mountain road signs that reminded drivers about using snow chains.
The symbol of the snowflake in the triangle is reinterpreted by the Van Orton Design twins and then applied on a proposal of jersey t-shirts together with the remake in the mountain pop style of the ‘C'.
It's an invitation to do the only thing possible if it snows: wear something by Colmar.
Whereas many brands only tend to aim for good looks in the slopes, Colmar is actually combining both functionality and high aesthetic values in this collection.
You can buy the capsule collection on Colmar's website.
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