Using CBD to Relieve Holiday Stress

29th March 2021

Children and adults alike look forward to Easter breaks with great gusto. After the Christmas holiday, the springtime celebration of Easter is a time of great joy and provides a welcome break for all.

In this article, we will discuss the tradition of Easter breaks in the UK and how they help with the stress experienced by students and working people. We will also look at how CBD helps in countering the everyday stresses of life.

When Is Easter Celebrated in the UK?

Easter is a major religious occasion for Christians and is celebrated with great fervour. The holiday revolves around the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Unlike other holidays like Halloween and Christmas which fall on fixed dates, Easter can fall on a Sunday anytime between March 22nd and April 25th.

In the UK, schoolchildren usually get around two weeks off for the Easter break. College and University students also get a welcome break from their stressful studies. In the weeks leading to the break, children participate in activities at schools such as Easter egg hunts and take-home art projects that represent Easter.

CBD Oil Benefits

They make flowers that symbolize the start of spring, Easter eggs that signify new life and Easter bunnies that express fertility. People usually celebrate with their families by eating chocolate eggs and traditional foods.

The Stress Factor- College Students

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to increased stress levels for people in all walks of life. College students who already have challenging academic studies have to now adapt to a system of online learning. This isolated learning and increased workload have caused a lot of mental health suffering.

The Easter break offers a chance for students to unwind. During the Easter break, students can take a break from continuous online classes and relax with their families. The Easter break also helps reduce stress by giving students a chance to explore new activities. They can:

  • volunteer with charitable organisations
  •  plan trips to explore the countryside
  • indulge in some spring cleaning!
  •  improve their physical fitness by joining a gym
  • sit back and relax with friends.

The list is endless, but the main thing is that Easter break (with its never-ending supply of chocolate), does help in reducing stress.

Stress For School Teachers

Easter provides a welcome break for stressed schoolteachers too. Teachers of late had to resort to remote learning. Planning and delivering lectures online and managing the student workload has led to increased stress levels experienced by teachers.

With the pandemics showing no signs of abating anytime soon, working from home has become the new norm. Stress seems like a constant companion for all working people in 2021. Working or studying in isolation too brings its own set of problems. From internet access problems to difficulties juggling multiple tasks, the daily routine gets stressful.

Holidays such as Easter break provide a welcome opportunity for schoolteachers and all working professionals to unwind. They get to spend uninterrupted time with families and relax with their favourite hobbies. However, breaks are not the only thing that can help reduce stress. Products containing CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

CBD For Stress

CBD can be a useful way to help calm stress, anxiety, and depression. Some studies show that CBD can alter the serotonin signals in your body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important part in governing your mental health. CBD oil and capsules are some of the best ways to introduce cannabidiol in your daily routine.


Cannabinoid oil or CBD oil is made from the stems and leaves of hemp plants. It is non-psychoactive and does not induce a ‘high’ feeling. There are several ways stressed students and working professionals can take CBD oil. You can put a few drops directly under your tongue, mix it in your favourite food or drink or inhale it by using CBD vapes.

All these different forms offer their advantages, but the bottom line remains the same. Students and working professionals alike can calm their stress down by using CBD oil before exams or important presentations.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules offer an easy and discreet way to consume CBD at any time. You can keep track of your dosage as each capsule come pre-portioned. They are also easy to swallow and carry around in a bag or purse.

Working professionals such as schoolteachers can take them inconspicuously before giving a lecture to reduce stress. Students can take CBD capsules before an important exam to calm themselves.

Key Takeaways

Everyone needs a break now and then to escape from their hectic lives. Students and teachers alike face a tough academic year and Easter break come as a welcome opportunity to destress. However, you can always look at CBD to help reduce stress.

CBD products can help you relax during your ongoing semester or while working away in an office. They can even help you relax during the Easter breaks. After all, who doesn’t want something to counter the holiday stress?

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