Turn Lukewarm Girl Summer Around With CBD for First Dates!

12th August 2021

With restrictions easing up, it's likely that your social calendar is rather full. This could include several dates with several different people – and we're proud of you for getting back out there. However, first dates (especially after lengthy social distancing rules) can be a little stressful – but can CBD help?

Well, potentially. Taking a few drops of CBD at the dinner table or at the cinema could certainly serve as social grease. After all, it'll give you and your date something to talk about.

Thankfully, that's not all CBD can do – especially on first dates. Here's how CBD could help turn up the heat on Lukewarm Girl Summer this year!

Fight the No-Chill Feels on First Dates With CBD

It's no secret that first dates can be tough. Sometimes, deciding what to wear can be the least of your worries. There's so much to worry about – chemistry and conversational topics often take a front seat, especially if you really like your date.

However, to paraphrase an age-old phrase – only fools rush in. After over a year in lockdown, we're all slowly learning how to socialise (and date) again! Therefore, first dates can leave you nervous, stressed, and sweaty… not a good look for anyone involved.

But what if we told you that CBD could help with those anxiety-riddled first dates? Studies show that CBD could potentially help with stress. In fact, a 2015 animal study reported that rats exhibited fewer stress-related symptoms after being treated with CBD.

Additionally, CBD could also help with social anxiety – making it the perfect antidote to jitters on first dates. Results from a 2010 study revealed that 400 mg reduced feelings of social anxiety in participants. Therefore, the next time you're prepping for a date, why not take some CBD with you?

Pre-Date Skincare Crisis? CBD Could Help!

We've all been there – gorgeous date confirmed, brilliant plans made… only to wake up with a massive breakout a day or two before the actual event. Firstly, calm down; breakouts happen to everyone, and just like you, your skin needs to express itself. If your date can't cope with a pimple or two, then they clearly think that beauty is only skin-deep – pun intended.

While breakouts are a fairly common pre-date crisis, they clearly don't help the situation. However, if you're struggling with your skin – on top of all your first dates – then CBD could be a handy ally. That's right – CBD skincare is making a splash in the skincare industry, and with good reason.

According to a 2014 study, CBD could have immense benefits on acne-prone skin. Sure, we're all aware of its potential anti-inflammatory benefits. However, CBD helps your skin along by addressing sebum production.

Excess sebum can contribute to oily skin, blocked and enlarged pores, and frequent breakouts. By reducing sebum production, you could see fewer breakouts. While you might have your skincare routine down, there's no harm in adding a CBD-infused cream or serum to your routine. By adding CBD to your skincare routine, you could potentially avoid those awkward breakouts before any first dates.

With CBD, Drinks Don't Have to Be Messy!

If your date is going swimmingly, you might be tempted to have yet another drink – and maybe a few after that. However, this can often lead to sticky, messy situations for both you and your date. Plus, the hangover (and the fear!) the next day just isn't worth the trouble.

In certain situations, you might be able to BYOB. Here, you might be tempted to grab a bottle of wine or a four-pack of your favourite beer. Instead, stay away from the Sunday scaries (and the potential beer goggles) by swapping your boozy pick for a CBD-infused option.

CBD Edibles

In fact, a CBD-rich drink could help you stay more focused on your first dates. Instead of releasing your inhibitions (à la Natasha Bedingfield), you'll be far more attentive and just an all-around better date than you would be after several pints. Plus, depending on your CBD drink of choice, you'll be able to stay hydrated that much better, making it perfect for those summery first dates.

CBD Before First Dates: Your New Must-Have?

With all its potential benefits, should CBD be in your pre-date kit? Well, it's all up to you. For example, if you're ready to dive head-first into every aspect of Lukewarm Girl Summer – from outdoor dining to the ick, you might not need CBD at all. After all, you're getting by on pure confidence, and you're a hero to us all.

However, if you need a little help getting back into the swing of things, then it could be for you. Plus, with so many different ways to take CBD, there's no better way for you to kickstart your first dates. Whether you're popping a few CBD gummies before heading out, or slathering on the CBD serum a week before, it could be the deciding factor in turning your Lukewarm Girl Summer around!

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