Trends Shaping the Face of Beauty

16th August 2019

The beauty industry thrives on ‘newness’. This year it has been face rollers or derma pens for home microneedling and cannabis was the ‘buzz’ in beauty. Sustainability is seeping in with an increase in beauty products featuring plant-based ingredients – agriculture and beauty converge on a mainstream level: From farm to face. Biodynamic beauty is where it's at for 2020. The philosophy of using the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon and planets is being touted as the next big thing in skincare. Nature is in.

The Korean beauty hype is showing no sign of slowing down either and beauty continues to further integrate with fitness and the wellness industry.  Ampoules, healing balms and viscous serums aside, it's an exciting space to watch beyond 2019. Candid takes a look at a few.


CBD Oil Creams

Cannabis became very quickly the new beauty disruptor of the year. CBD has become the new superhero ingredient in beauty offering anti-oxidising, oil balancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and soothing properties.  It resonates with consumers because it aligns well with the beauty/health trends of repair, protection and therapy and is holistic. Cleopatra apparently used it to keep her face looking young. Dubbed as a mere marketing trend by many, scientific trials tell a different promising narrative that may just have longevity.  CBD offers skincare benefits that go way beyond hydration; helping to neutralise oxidative stresses from pollution, and other environmental aggressors plus healing qualities. 

Topically applied cannabidiol is potent and delivers benefits directly to the skin. Cannabidiol per se shares part of our genetic blueprint and the body instantly recognises it and distributes accordingly to where it needs it most –  so it directly affects our endocannabinoid system and works to actually regulate a number of functions.

Beauty brands are blazing a trail in this space and CBD in everything is becoming a staple in our cabinet. Skin healing solutions are the biggest growth in skincare so expect to see more beauty drops with healing at its core on your radar.

Micro Influencers

Girl Applying Makeup

Mega influencers target the masses whereas micro-influencers target a niche sector. According to Cosmoprof 2019 at Bologna this year  – Beauty’s leading trade show which dictates future trends – campaigns that have micro-influencers are 6 times more efficient than campaigns with mega-influencers. Makes total sense to me and gives more of a deluxe-bespoke authentic status to brand direction.

Niche-follower communities are more likely to follow and purchase products to a relatable brand champion who shares the same values, ethos and lifestyle. Small marketing budgets dictate smarter strategies and more efficient ROI. Living your most authentic life seems to the slogan of choice of 2019 and this filters down to influencer marketing – the back-story must be good though. 

Gender-neutral & boys

Man Applying Makeup

Cosmetic companies are targeting men. Makeup for men is apparently the next big beauty trend. Men are attracted and really positively responding to products that are specifically designed for them,  Male consumers are approaching masculinity differently than previous generations.

They are more metrosexual and are all-embracinng of grooming and personal care. Has Love Island single-handedly driven up sales of male grooming!? ‘Boy beauty’ and gender neutral under pin this new market of male-focused beauty products. Social media has enabled and supported conversation around this and influencer partnerships has given it credence. Companies like ASOS, Calvin Klein, Clinique and Mac are developing and launching male make-up lines.

The conversation around grooming and hair loss is also getting reimagined with companies like Hims producing a suite of hair care products and some are even designed to prevent hair loss in men. Expect to see a lot more in the future.

Biodynamic beauty

CBD Cream

Yes, this is a thing and it’s beyond organic. Better than.  Beauty products that have no ‘nasties’ from beauty brands that run their business according to biodynamic principles – that is biodynamic beauty in a nutshell – basically using biodynamic ingredients that are farmed using methodologies that respect the earth. 

Expect to see beauty brands exploring agriculture technology and partnering more closely with farmers for ingredient sourcing. You are what you put on your face type philosophy.

From farm to face

CBD Tincture

Many natural beauty brands are already employing vertical integration by working with and basing their businesses on farms, which can function as labs to test ingredients and natural technologies that can evaluate and control the ingredient production process. Biodynamic beauty, which really emphasises farm conservation, is really beginning to take off, which could increase the standards for organic beauty products. Not such a bad thing!

Brands are beginning to work directly with farms and agriculture research firms to improve ingredient sustainability and develop new ingredients.

New Zealand-based Te Mana Skincare, has partnered with AgResearch to develop a merino wool collagen protein that reportedly offers exfoliating and softening properties. The prediction is the organic beauty movement will lend itself to more crossover between cosmetics, agriculture, and biotechnology as beauty brands seek to produce more nutrient-rich ingredients in its beauty products. Good ingredients with epic pay-off is the direction one would expect. More please!


CBD Beauty Product

Beauty brands are increasingly associated with, health, fitness and wellness. Consumers are much more aware of the links between inner balance and wellbeing and the positive effect that has on one’s beauty. We are crying out for products that work internally and topically. The trend moving forward is to see more holistic offerings in beauty with a focus on mental and emotional balance through stress-busting beauty and health products. An oxymoron no more. CBD is rearing its head once again.  Cannabis is part of a booming wellness industry.

Post-workout beauty products are becoming just as important as the workouts themselves. Many studios have partnered with luxe beauty lines to offer attractive amenities, which can attract increased customer attendance. Elixir ecovery balms for example to ease the muscles post work-out would sign many people up.

There is already sweat-proof makeup designed to be worn while exercising and now this has expanded to beauty products that emphasise post-workout benefits of calming down. This rise of “athleisure beauty” has spurred a new crop of beauty brands such as Sweat Cosmetic.

Beauty and wellness are also converging. As beauty becomes increasingly associated with gut health, what we put in our bodies becomes just as important as what we put on our bodies. Celebrity-launched beauty lines such as Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop,  Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics and Jessica Alba’s Honest emphasise the wellness benefits of their lotions and potions. 


Woman applying maeup

We all want a product that is specially designed for us! Brands are listening and responding with pop-up hubs to gauge consumer interest and tailor products to specification – to age, gender and beauty concerns.  Brand giants are now investing in pop-up stores where crowds converge and brand spanking new bespoke beauty products are introduced giving customers an unforgettable experience.

Audience participation is key and mixing and matching your own creams with experts on hand to your exacting specification and unique skin tone is a really good USP, 3D printing and augmented reality is the future of a customized consumer experience and results in a strong loyalty base like no other. Everyone loves to be considered a VIP.

What beauty trend do you think has legs?

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