Tobias Birk Nielsen SS19

29th March 2019

The Danish designer, Tobias Birk Nielsen, who first showcased during Copenhagen Fashion Week last autumn, has caught our attention with his collection oozing urban influences.

Our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, missed the Tobias Birk Nielsen CFW show, but instead stumbled upon him on Instagram and had to look further into the brand and its SS19 collection.

Sometimes Instagram can really surprise you. Laying on my couch on a lazy Saturday afternoon I stumbled on an account featuring cool design that had a hint of Yeezy and Billionaire Boys Club in it. I was surprised about not having seen Tobias Birk Nielsen clothing before, as I later learned, he has shown his collections at Copenhagen Fashion Week, which I frequent.

Our paths hadn't crossed until now, but now that I finally established contact with him, I want to introduce you to him as well.

Tobias Birk Nielsen
Dystopian settings for a survivalist collection

Post-apocalyptic menswear

For his fourth collection Tobias Birk Nielsen created a modest sequel ending – a trilogy portrayed over the last year and a half by involving SS18's Iso Poetism and AW18's Few of Us.

The SS19 collection is titled The Survivalist, a nod to the post-apocalyptic genre which has been prevalent in both movies and popular culture lately (well, the last century or so).

Tobias Birk Nielsen
Learning, adjusting and surviving in relation to the surroundings.

The story is the final stage of a continuous study of the human strength to overcome ethereal struggles by living on verge of collapse, as well as its capacity to tirelessly generate unexpected depots of stamina energy in order to push the borders for learning, adjusting and surviving in relation to the surroundings.

Tobias Birk Nielsen
Stream of hope in midst of the abysmal landscape.

I have always been a fan of these scenes of dystopia and maybe that's just why I fell for Tobias Birk Nielsen. The feeling of wanting to survive, no matter how bad your starting point is.

There is always a stream of hope somewhere and whatever rags you can pull together to cover your body is a victory in itself.

Tobias Birk Nielsen
Delicate details and accessories.

Finding utopia

The SS19 collection is far from rags however. It consists of facemasks, shoulder bags, aprons, multi-pocketed vests with a colour palette of earth tones in splashes of dye making a really graphic impact.

The dystopian urban setting is in no way to be seen as just that. In the most grim of settings we will find our way to utopia where we embark on a new journey in life.

I am aware I get a bit poetic when describing the collection, but considering typical Scandi minimalism, this out-of-the-box collection gets me going.

Tobias Birk Nielsen
Earth tones in splashes of dye.

Photo: Illa Bonany
Face: Dion Moe (Unique Models) & Viktor (Wolf Models Agency) 
Mua: Myrthe van den Leeden
Assisting: Emma Demay & Mads Leander Storr Rasmussen

Check out Tobias Birk Nielsen's other collections as well on his homepage.

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