The Art Of Blending With Chivas Regal, Bethnal Green

22nd October 2017

With London Cocktail Week now just a hazy blur, Chivas Regal offers a pretty neat way of getting over it.
Perhaps you don’t know your scotch from your bourbon or your single malt whisky from your blended malt, nae bother as Chivas Regal have returned with The Blend, offering a short yet sweet discovery in to the ‘Art of Blending’.

If you love whisky, then this 45 minute pop-up is the perfect class for you! Tutored by whisky experts from Chivas Regal, the evening comprises of an informative lowdown on the making of grain whisky and single malts from The Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside and Islay leaving no region untouched.

After being tutored in the craftsmanship of a master blender, you begin to sample the many whiskey’s laid out in front of you, sampling different malts with flavours varying from; creamy, smoky, citrus, fruity and floral, as well as delicate grain Scotch whisky.

After sampling each of the six or so whiskeys, you’re instructed to take what you have learnt and put it into practice. For some marrying floral with creamy, for others citrus with smoky – there is no right or wrong when making your own blend. The only recommended rule to follow was that, at least 50% of grain whisky should be used in the making of your own blend.

Much like a science laboratory, desks were equipped with beakers and measuring instruments with each individuals measuring beaker being filled with measures of whisky no similar to their neighbours, resulting in uniquely different blends as far as the eye could see.

The intimate setting encourages much discussion with fellow participants; on this night the room was filled with would be master blenders alike. Some had been before, others this would be their first but what was certain was everyone was enjoying themselves.
What’s most enjoyable about this pop-up is that whether you’re a whisky aficionado, enthusiast or amateur; you’re guaranteed to leave feeling accomplished and informed, and in our case a heavy head in the morning too.

Chivas Regal’s ‘Art of Blending’ standard tickets £20, at The Blend, 133 Bethnal Green Rd, E2 7DG, from Wed-Sun, Oct 11-Dec 3.  For more information click here
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