Sushi Shop teams up with Kei Kobayashi

2nd March 2017

Luxury dining is often difficult to squeeze into a lunchtime slot, but Sushi Shop has devised a MR PORTER-style packaged sushi offering that brings the luxury to you, and it just happens to be curated by Michelin-starred chef, Kei Kobayashi – part of Sushi Shop’s new 2017 menu.
The Japanese native trained under Alain Ducasse and perfectly weds Japan’s national staple with haute French nuance. Available now from Sushi Shop (to eat in, take-away or have delivered), the Kei Range is a discovery we’re pleased to have made.

Chef Kei Kobayashi has designed four signature creations for Sushi Shop.

The delivery feels like an indulgent shopping experience. Unwrapping the parcel, you’re met with a glossy, well-branded box, neatly rowed with slices of maki, and a side of Kobayashi’s slightly spiced cucumber and red miso salad drizzled in maple syrup, peanuts, sesame, lime, and yuzu zest. Note to eater: remove salad from take-away container and service on a proper plate; the enjoyment level will rise ten-fold.

Not dinging alone? The Kei Range is shareable. Three rolls make up the offering: Salmon Gravlax Roll, Garden Maki and the Gyu Special Roll and a total of twenty-one delectable morsels sit in the box, each carefully crafted and artistically topped, giving off an air of canapés at an exclusive evening event.

Kei Kobayashi for Sushi Shop Garden Maki

The Garden Maki is vegan-approved and bursting with fresh vegetables: carrot, cucumber and rocket are wound in rice and seaweed and finished with yuzu zest, red miso, peanuts, sesame, lime and maple syrup, and for a little kick: a hint of chilli.

Kei Kobayashi for Sushi Shop Salmon Gravlax Roll.

With a Nordic nod, the Salmon Gravlax Roll sees carrot, white turnip, rocket and mint (yes, Kobayashi does not shy away from slipping unconventional ingredients into his rolls) laying alongside fresh salmon, wrapped in seaweed and rice and draped in micro-thin slices of cucumber. Each piece of the roll is sealed with Pacific salmon roe crumble, black olive tapenade sauce and a sprig of dill.

Kei Kobayashi for Sushi Shop Gyu Special Roll.

The trio highlight is the Gyu Special Roll. A visual splendour: carrots, avocado, sweet red pepper, fried onions, rocket and coriander are wrapped up tightly in rice, rolled in diced chives and sesame seeds and swathed in thinly-sliced beef dressed in teriyaki sauce, sesame oil and lime and finished with a slice of chilli, a small dollop mayonnaise and a single chive sliver. The Gyu Special Roll disappeared all too quickly and was an absolute show-stopping fusion of Japan meets French. The crunchy vegetables offset by the soft avocado and uber-tender beef matched with the overall unique flavour composition made it the winner. We could eat this for lunch every day, and maybe for dinner too. It really is that good.

If you like your lunch with top notes of French cuisine colliding with the very best of contemporary Japanese, visit to try the Kei Range at Sushi Shop. Or download the Sushi Shop app from the App Store or Google Play to make your sushi delivery even simpler.

Words by Courtney Blackman

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