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9th February 2017

They are shaking up the music scene via musical theatre. It’s Collabro, the four-piece singing sensation composed of Jamie Lambert, Matt Pagan, Michael Auger and Tom Redgrave. They’re celebrating stage classics and delivering them to an audience that may have never experienced them before, and the world is eating it up. After winning Britain’s Got Talent, their first album charted at number one, displacing chart-topper Ed Sheeran, and became the fasted-selling album of 2014. Their sophomore album went on to chart at number two.

The quartet has sung to Royalty, performed at the biggies: O2 Arena and Wembley Stadium, London Palladium, Royal Albert Hall and all over the globe, so it was with great pleasure that the boys were able to take time out of their schedule to attend our fourteenth issue launch party over London Fashion Week Men’s.
Knowing that they have a penchant for fashion, we wanted to find out more – about their style, their music and their plans for 2017.

Collobro – Jamie, Michael, Matt and Tom

Hi guys. Can you tell us a little about yourselves? Were you all interested in music from a young age?  
Matt – We have all always loved musical theatre, we grew up with musicals like Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and many more. Before joining Collabro we were all auditioning for the West End. We like to think that we have created something new and exciting by doing famous musical theatre songs in four-part harmony and really making them our own! Cameron Mackintosh once referred to us in an interview as one of the new exciting things bringing musical theatre to a bigger audience. That was awesome.

Were you always interested in musical theatre; or did you ever have phases where you experimented with other genres, for example pop or R&B?
Michael – We've all always loved musical theatre but I really like anything in the charts.
Matt – I've always loved swing music.
Jamie – I'm really into opera but also acoustic folk stuff.
Tom – I'm really into metal – probably not what you were expecting!

Did you dream of being solo artists or always envision yourselves as part of a group? If not, how have you enjoyed working as a group?
Michael – I don't think we had ever thought we would be in a group (secretly I wanted to be in One Direction) but we've absolutely loved being in this band – it's really allowed us to travel and meet incredible people. It's been a fantastic three years; we are loving it.

Collabro at the Candid Magazine party at Century Club over London Fashion Week Men's. Photograph by Maria Nicolas.

Who are your favourite fashion designers at the moment?
Jamie – Vivienne Westwood. Always. But also Zio Song is pretty cool. We were supposed to go to the Songzio show at LFMW but the tube strike ruined our morning!

You were recently spotted at London Fashion Week Men’s. Are you all interested in fashion?
Jamie – I think in terms of watching trends and loving fashion mags, probably me! I was super excited about LFWM and ended up not going to as much as the other boys because of a hospital procedure but at least I managed to get to the Candid Magazine party! (Great CÎROC cocktails).

Which were your favourite shows?
Tom – We saw Barbour which was cool, and we were supposed to get to Songzio, which we were all really excited about (I wore an amazing jacket), but the tube strike stopped us from getting there. Also album commitments stopped us from going to any other shows, which was sad, but obviously we have to record!

And parties?
Tom – The Candid Magazine party was awesome. We stayed for ages and took far too many selfies, but everyone is guilty of that. The .gif creator was amazing! And the cocktails.

London Fashion Week Men's !!! @candidmagazine

A video posted by COLLABRO (@collabro) on

Have you taken inspiration from any collections you saw?
Matt – We only got to the Barbour show but there was so much awesome wearable stuff there. We normally wear suits though so we couldn't take that much inspiration. Next year we will go see loads of menswear stuff though! It was a great introduction to LFMW.

Who would you say is the most into fashion/experimenting with new looks?
Jamie – I'm probably the most out-there with my fashion. I like a lot of faux-fur and print. Tom is catching up though with his new Noose & Monkey grey leopard blazer.

Do you give each other fashion tips? Who would you say is the most naturally stylish member of the group?
Matt – We definitely like to talk about clothes. Jamie has tended to style us but we are all developing really nice individual styles, which is pretty awesome – and it's important our personalities are reflected.
Do you think fashion and music intertwine?
Jamie – Absolutely. Music is an expression of yourself and so are your clothes. I think people hear what you sing and if you can match that with what you wear, that can be really powerful.

Finally, can you tell us about your plans for this year?  
Michael – We actually have our new album coming out on March 3rd which is really exciting! It's fully musical theatre and the vocals are absolutely our best yet. Also we are taking it on tour both in the U.K. and internationally!
Collabro’s new album HOME is out on 3rd March. Pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Get tickets to the London Hippodrome Live Show on 2nd March.

Words by Sophie Exton

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