Focus: Spencer Sutherland

6th July 2017

There are models and there are musicians and then there are model musicians ­­­– the auspicious combination of razor-sharp cheekbones and a killer vocal range. Say hello to Spencer Sutherland.
A native of America’s Midwestern state of Ohio, Spencer Sutherland now calls LA home. He is signed to Ford Models, but it’s his burgeoning music career that has people stopping to take notice. Putting his own spin on pop and R&B, Spencer was the sole unsigned artist on Apple Music’s A-list Pop Playlist joining an all-star line-up of hitmakers including Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga; and he recently released his latest single, Selfish.
From the sunshine in LA, we spoke to Spencer about his music, his style and his top tips for summer dressing.

Spencer Sutherland photographed by Lexie Alley

Hi Spencer, thanks for talking to us. How did you get into music? And how did you get to LA from Ohio?
Hey guys! Thanks for having me. Ever since I can remember, I've been singing. Music has always been a huge part of my life, from my parents playing it, to it just being a huge passion. I started going out to LA part-time and it just turned into not needing to go back to Ohio because all my work was in LA!

Your voice has such a unique sound. How long have you been developing it?
Thank you so much! I just sing and practice all the time and I think it's just moulded to my unique sound – lots and lots of practice and experimenting.

You debuted the music video your new single Selfish with On Air with Ryan Seascrest! Tell us about the single. Is it about you or someone else?
The single Selfish is about me! It's about being so into someone that you are literally selfish over them; selfish of their time, affection and attention. You want all of them, all the time. I think everyone has been through that.

What is it like writing with Wesley and Keaton Stromberg of Emblem3?
We've probably written a hundred and fifty songs together [laughs]. It's amazing every time. Those guys are brothers to me, and super-talented.

Spencer Sutherland by Ted McColl

What influences your song writing?
Real life situations, emotions, what I think other people can connect with… Those kinds of things.

You’re signed to one of the most renowned agencies in the world. Did music help you get into modelling or vice versa?
Music helped me first. Ford Models works so amazingly with my music career because they let me do anything and focus on music. I love diving into new endeavours and these two things go together so well.

What do you like to do if you’re not modelling or in the music studio?
I love to work out. It's a third passion of mine. That or play basketball.

How would you describe your style? Who are your favourite designers?

I would say urban/European, loud jackets and long shirts. I love all types of shoes! My favourite brands are G-Star, Topshop, Guess and Zara.


Spencer Sutherland by Lexie Alley

What are your style tips for the summer? 
I'm wearing high-top Vans with jean shorts and t-shirts – keeping it light for summer.

Any unique projects coming up that you can tell us about?
Yes! I have new music coming out. I'm releasing a single soon and then going on tour again later this year.

Will you be touring in the UK anytime soon?
I'm actually going to the UK in a few days! No tour set up yet, but I'd love to soon.

You heard it here, everyone. Spencer is going to be in the UK. Keep a look out. And keep up-to-date with Spencer Sutherland here.

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