Soul Seeker Launches Collection

7th May 2019

Soul Seeker is a new brand, yet to be launched, founded by Rajan Sangha. It's a men’s streetwear brand with British heritage playing a strong role. Candid's Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, sees us through their first collection.

After following a traditional path through the education system to reach a corporate role in an insurance company, Rajan Sangha's love of fashion encouraged him to pursue the exploration of the premium luxury market and develop Soul Seeker as a result.

We applaud him for this, as we can never get enough of premium streetwear, as long as it's well made. Soul Seeker is just that.

Soul Seeker launches its first collection.

Bold, dream-evoking looks

Soul Seeker derives from the idea of existentialism. The brand is deeply rooted in the belief that people should be searching to find out who and what they are throughout life as they make choices based on their experiences, beliefs and outlook, rather than following traditional paths outlined by society.

The idea of deviating from societal norms and what is expected of us translates into Soul Seeker’s clothing, holistically creating bold looks for the youthful London male who wishes to define his own path.

Bold garments relating to youth, leadership and distorted dreams evoke the postmodern brand message in the form of statement prints and messages.

The prints act as a form of connection between the brand and its followers, they are consistently seen throughout the first collection.

Premium menswear playing with British heritage.

Technical utility

Soul Seeker’s collection showcases staple pieces such as denim, bomber jackets, and t-shirts with carefully constructed alternative twists on the original styles.

Denim joggers have been crafted with a lightweight material into a relaxed fit with a drawstring waist.

We can also see elements of technical utility in the cargo jacket and matching cargo trousers providing something more unique within the array of garments.

Future collections for the brand hope to explore this concept further by creating technical high-end pieces originating from real life scenarios.

The brand derives from the idea of existentialism.

A strong ethical stance

The brand prides itself on their British heritage; everything is currently made in London as sustainable labour and methods of production are increasingly promoted by Soul Seeker.

Their strong ethical stance is translated through all elements of the brand, from the initial stages of production to wanting to create a community with their audience.

Soul Seeker hopes to develop a podcast in the future to enhance this, hosting relevant talks on fashion, lifestyle and other topics aligned with their values.

Bold looks for the London male.

Soul Seeker's new collection will be available on their website, which is still under construction. You can sign up for a mailing list to be notified in due time. In the meantime, see more on their Instagram.

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