What Do Skin Cleansers Do?

25th January 2021

No matter what our skin type, we all need to cleanse our skin. Even if you don’t wear makeup, we need skin cleansers to clear away dirt, sebum, oil and dead skin cells. Cleansing your skin keeps it fresh and dewy.

What complicates things a little is that there is no one size fits all approach to a cleansing and skincare routine.

Things to Consider When Choosing Skin Cleansers

We all have different skin types with different needs. Skin types can be broadly broken down into three categories; oily, dry and combination skin.

There’s also your age and health profile to take into account. You’ll need a different routine and different ingredients when you’re 21, 31, 41 and each decade thereafter. Then there are environmental factors to consider also. The skincare cleansers you would need in Australia is different to the skincare you’d need in a Nordic climate.

Consulting a facialist or beauty therapist can be a great way to assess your skin’s cleansing needs. If this is beyond your budget, just do some research and practice a bit of trial and error. Your skin will let you know when it’s happy and balanced. It will feel soft and firm, it will glow and you’ll know you’ve settled on a cleansing and skincare routine that works for you.

We’re going to outline the importance of a good skin cleansing routine and take a look at a new ingredient in skincare. The much-lauded Cannabidiol (CBD) has become an incredibly popular ingredient for people’s health and wellness regimen.

Experts and fans praise its benefits for treating anxiety, insomnia and even chronic pain. It is now gaining in popularity as a topical, skincare ingredient and we at Candid Magazine are going to examine its efficacy as a skin cleanser.

What Are Skin Cleansers?

We all know what a skin cleanser is; it’s a product we use to clean the day from our faces. However, the sheer range of these items on the market is enough to make your head spin. The best way to dive into the mechanics of skin cleansing is to examine how the product promises to cleanse your face.

Chemical Cleansing

There is much debate now about using skin cleansers that contain chemicals. On one side, people with oily or acne-prone skin are advised to use astringent products which contain chemicals. Other people advocate for using ‘natural’ ingredients. Topically applied astringents can cause mild coagulation which in effect dries, hardens, and protects the skin.

However, not all ‘chemical’ ingredients are bad. Lab-created synthetics like retinol or squalene can be very beneficial for the skin. We would advise you to steer clear of synthetic ingredients like plastics, perfumes, alcohol and parabens that can irritate your skin.


Exfoliation is the practice of removing dead cells from your skin. You can do it mechanically with ingredients like apricot kernels or loofah pads. Or you can do it with cleansers that contain natural acids like salicylic or glycolic acid.

Exfoliants can make your skin look and feel great; they remove the upper layer of dead epidermis, resulting in much cleaner skin. Be warned, over-exfoliation can cause irritation and damage and can remove too much of your skin’s natural oils.

Oil Cleansing

This type of cleansing might sound counter-intuitive, especially when one of the aims of cleansing is to remove oil from the face but there is a logic to it. Oil absorbs oil and there is a strong case for not completely stripping the skin of its natural oils with astringent cleansers or exfoliants. It’s also really easy to find natural oils that are chemical, perfume and alcohol-free. Once your skin gets used to oil-based cleansing it can leave you glowing. However, it might take a few weeks for your skin to accept the transition.

Why is Cleansing Part of a Skin Routine?

Cleansing your skin prepares it for the other steps in your skincare routine. The second step, toning, is meant to be almost a last clean with a product that closes your pores after washing. The last step or steps is applying serums and moisturisers to hydrate the skin and help with anti-ageing.

How a Skin Routine Helps the Body

A skin routine is necessary for clean, moisturised skin but that’s not all it helps. A good skincare routine is a ritual to close the day. It washes the dirt of the day from your face and prepares you mentally to wind down for the evening and go to bed clean and refreshed. Some people, especially women report having a worse night's sleep if they don't bother to wash their face.

The Potential of CBD Skin Cleansers

Some studies have shown that quality skincare products that have been infused with highly-concentrated CBD are beneficial for clearing acne, balancing sebum (oil) production and even improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

CBD is widely known to have anti-inflammatory properties which is why it’s shown success in treating pain management. It’s now thought it can reduce the inflammation in acne-prone skin. It’s calming and healing effects have lots of potentials to help soothe redness and swelling.

Research has also shown that CBD might be able to decrease excess sebum production. It’s also thought to have a balancing effect on the skin’s oil. As a naturally derived, plant-based product, CBD has powerful antioxidant properties. Therefore, antioxidants will help improve the signs of ageing, fight free radicals and toxins which damage your skin.

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