Living Sustainably Has Never Been so Simple…

13th January 2020

It appears that unless drastic changes are made to the way we live our daily lives that we may soon find ourselves abruptly evicted from this home we call Earth.

Regardless of our behaviour towards mother nature, she will always outlive us, slowly returning life back to the planet, only this time without us. If we want to ensure humanity’s survival we must nurture, protect and ensure the survival of Mother Nature.

Global change begins with individual changes. And in truth, if the majority of people made small sustainable changes we could become the hero that we have all been searching for.

Here is a list of changes to help save life on this planet or at least in the worst-case scenario not feel too guilty if it all goes pear-shaped as we can always say “Well at least I tried”.

Tips to Live More Sustainably

Here are some small and big changes that you can choose to do to make your contribution to a better world.


If you are building a house choose hempcrete. These are solid blocks made from hemp, lime and water that are much better for the environment. When hemp grows it sequesters CO2 which is then trapped in the block. These blocks are the most energy-efficient blocks in the world providing heat in winter and cooling in summer as well as being resistant to mould and fire!

Re-Usable Coffee Mug

This is such an obvious one that we can all do right away. By using a reusable mug we save thousands of cups going to landfills and in turn saving the environment and our resources.


Use Before You Shop

Rather than go food shopping when the fridge and presses are half-empty, go shopping when they are completely empty. This way we reduce our waste and save money.

Choose Loose Food

Bring your own reusable bag and choose loose fruit and veg rather than food packaged with single-use plastic. This way we reduce landfills and remove harmful toxins from plastics in the soil.

Choose Hemp Protein

Agricultural animals and industrial fishing are said to account for up to 50% of greenhouse gases. By switching to hemp protein we can remove tonnes of dangerous gases and clean the air and soil. Hemp protein comes from the seeds of the hemp plant and has a high content of protein, insoluble fibre, vitamins (E in particular), minerals, and is rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 – everything you need to have optimum health.

Work from Home Once a Week

Office workers with internet access could easily work straight from home. This would free up traffic congestion, transport, office space, reduce emissions and save you money. Studies have shown people working from home, contrary to popular belief, work harder, more efficiently, and feel better as a result of a greater work/life balance.

Choose Hemp Fabrics

Cotton is notorious for wasting tonnes of water and requiring pesticides and herbicides when growing – something we then wear. Hemp, on the other hand, needs no nasty chemicals, cleans the soil, sequesters CO2 and is stronger than cotton, lighter than cotton and more breathable than cotton. If you can. Choose hemp clothing, hemp bed-sheets and all things hemp.

Plant a Seed


Next time you are in the forest have each of your family pick up an acorn or some other seed and plant it in the ground. This very act makes you and everyone else feel good knowing you have made one tiny gesture that will grow into a giant tree which will clean our air as well as provide shelter for the plants and animals.

Small steps become giant leaps. Choose sustainable practices. Choose life.

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