Shoe Shame For Tidy Sneakerheads

21st November 2018
Shoe Shame keeps your white sneakers crisp and clean.

Shoe Shame is a new Swedish brand dedicated to shoe care. With their craftsmanship and experience they give all sneakerheads the tools necessary to keep their sneakers in mint condition. Our own sneakerhead and Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, has given it a go.
Shoe Shame

More than just a trend

Sneakers haven't been something we wear merely to jogging or other sports for a long, long time, but alas, keeping them clean and taking care of them has been lagging.
As we wear sneakers from sporty to more dressed-up occasions, it's conclusive that sneakers are more than just a trend and hence should be taken care of – just as any shoe.
The blend of synthetic and natural materials, technical details and contrasting colours make it hard to keep your sneakers in perfect shape. The shoe care products from Shoe Shame make it easy to keep them box fresh and prolong their life span.
Shoe Shame

Sneakers can be elegant

There's an underlying tradition rooted in us, that you should only wear a certain type of shoe for certain occasions. I feel this is outdated and consider a nice pair of sneakers just as elegant as, for example, a pair of brogues.
By actually taking care of your sneakers you get that same feeling of satisfaction and exclusivity when cleaning, impregnating, whitening and adding a final touch of scent spray to keep the insides of your sneakers clean.
Shoe Shame

Environmentally-friendly and effective

The products are made employing the “perfect fit between technology and nature”, which means that they're constructed with techniques and ingredients that are forerunners environmentally, without making the product less effective.
Show Shame products are easy to use and I'm seriously urging you to have a look into sneaker care if you want to extend the life span. Sneaker longevity is ever-so-important considering sustainability and environmentalism, but also for your wallet.
There are no fluorocarbons, silver ions nor optic bleaches in the Shoe Shame products, but they still work with all-wanted efficiency.
Shoe Shame
The Shoe Shame products, and the cool packaging, are available on their website.
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