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9th April 2019

Norwegians are mostly known for winter sports, being rich on oil and their beautiful fjords. These are not things of the past, but lately, there have been other things raising our eyebrows when it comes to Norway. Luxury outerwear label, Serac, is one of these. Our Norway-friendly Scandi-based Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, sets out on a quest to see why Oslo is on everyone's lips these days.

Norway might be seen by many as this cool country where everyone is pretty and content with their lives. Thus far probably correct, but there's more to Norway than that.

Lately, fashion brands such as Norwegian Rain, Tom Wood and Holzweiler have been putting the country on the fashion map and now I'd say Serac is right there with them on the frontline of Norwegian fashion.

A hybrid staple for SS19.

This Oslo-based brand has designed a hybrid staple for their SS19 collection, the 3341, adding to their existing collection of parkas, bombers and coats. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable, basically ideal for the somewhat varying weather we have up north.

One crucial element to note is the environmental aspect Tore Mortvedt, founder of Serac, has infused into the company. His strongest motivation and most significant challenge going forward with Serac is to find the optimal balance between product, material qualities and expected lifespan with a likely environmental impact.

He wants to create a high-end product in itself but also challenge himself to create the most sustainable solution that enables the result rather than compromising it.

Optimal balance between product, material qualities and expected lifespan .

Check out Serac's homepage for more information about the brand.

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