Saunter into a seafood paradise at Fancy Crab

20th August 2017

Restaurants that dedicate themselves to one particular type of food fascinates diners because you wonder what kind of dishes they might come up with for appetisers, main courses and desserts. The menu at Fancy Crab in Marylebone makes captivating reading as you marvel at the countless ways that crab can be prepared.

They specialise in the red king crab, which is caught in the cold open waters of the northern regions of the Atlantic Ocean. These crustaceans can grow to up to ten and a half and twenty-four pounds for female and male crabs respectively and they are the most expensive crabs per unit weight. The crabs are lovingly introduced to you by your waiter; he explains the different key parts of the crab including the rose, caprus and merus (more about our recommendations later on).

The decor is informal yet smart and elegant with a giant crab mural on the wall along with a centrepiece: the raw seafood open kitchen capturing most of the diners’ attention.

The menu is a compendium of dreamy dishes for seafood lovers. We started off with some crispy king crab bites, which were the ideal amuse bouche to get the gastric juices flowing and this paired well with a cup of their king crab bisque. It was a whirlpool of rich, intense flavour. No doubt the delicious stock was created from the prime red king crab shells.

The tempura crab claw was slightly disappointing in size after seeing the giant display version introduced to use at the beginning, but it delivered mouthfuls of briny meatiness encased in a light batter and came with pickles that helped to cut through the greasiness.

The highlight of the meal was the grilled merus: the tender and sweet-tasting meat was unlike any other crab I've tasted in recent years and makes them look like inferior imposters. It was cooked with thyme, butter and hollandaise sauce, which made it particularly appetising. My only complaint was there just wasn't enough of the mouth-watering meat. Perhaps we should have opted for the whole red king crab to share option – £89 per kilogram!

On the dessert menu, your curiosity might lead you to the king crab cheesecake with berry compote. Does it have any crab meat? Is it savoury? Fear not for the traditionalist, it is 100% luscious, creamy-tasting cheesecake but designed to resemble a crab leg using a food colouring. There is also a very gooey tasting chocolate fondant that we can recommend paired with a scoop of tasty salted caramel ice cream.

From the moment you walk through the door, you know you will be in for a treat at this crustacean lovers' paradise.
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