Sasha Brown releases single ‘Parallel’

15th July 2017

Singer, songwriter, saxophonist and radio DJ (is there anything this girl doesn’t do?) Sasha Brown, unleashes her debut single, Parallel following support from the likes of Radio One’s Pete Tong and Rinse FM. After a successful debut feature track, Talk On, which spent over ten weeks in the Techno Top 40, Sasha is ready to unleash her fresh pop sound and expressive writing style.
More recently, the true pop-genius has been playing sell-out performances across London and the UK at such places as The Roundhouse and Groucho Club. This summer Sasha will be returning to Secret Garden Party to perform for the second year running, and this is only the start.
We spoke to the talented up-and-comer.

Congratulations on your debut single, Parallel. How does it feel to be able to share this with the world? 
It feels really really good! Last year I had a feat release off Jamie Jones’ label Hot Creations, which got quite a lot of Radio 1 play and support from Pete Tong. That was a dream. It was a techno track though and I'm a pop artist so for the past year I put myself into the studio with different producers to really develop and discover my sound. Parallel feels really good and I'm getting really positive feedback. I'm excited. People keep asking me what I’m doing everyday so it’s nice to finally be able to show them!

What is the true meaning of the song for you?
It's a reflection of where we're at today. I co-wrote it with these guys Joe Kearns and Jason Elliot who are awesome. I came into the session with this word that had been playing on my mind for a while: ‘parallel'.
Jason was saying how the world's kinda messed up and sometimes it's hard to feel a connection when everything feels so lost. For me, there's a frustration behind the song. It's about a relationship. Two people are moving together, in the same direction, at the same speed but for some reason they aren't coming together. From the outside everything looks perfect but it's not. There's no connection.
Listen to Parallel on Spotify:

You worked with up-and-coming designer Charli Cohen for the music video for Parallel. How was it pairing music and fashion together? Is this something you would want to do again?
So Charli Cohen (the fashion designer) and I have been following each other on Twitter for the past couple of years. I'm very into fashion and have done some modelling in the past. After her LFW 2017 showcase, I just messaged her saying I wanted to collaborate. I could literally see the video in my head so I pitched it to her and her partner, Ben Thompson, who’s an amazing videographer and director. They were on it so we got Ben's team at PXL Post together and shot the video one weekend!
I think music and fashion go hand in hand so it’s really important for me to work with brands I feel I connect with. Honestly, fashion changes the way you feel, how you compose yourself, the way you move. I remember learning about the importance of costume design in Drama. Clothes aren’t just to be looked at; they’re to be felt. They give you a feeling and identity. Think about it, it’s why you say ‘Oh that’s so your style’. I’m really interested in how music and fashion affects people.

Tell us a bit more about you, and how long have you been singing for?
Forever! I’ve always been obsessed by music. Honestly, it's the one thing that can completely change my mood. Music has always been a massive part of my life.
I grew up on pop and started playing the sax when I was pretty young. I always preferred singing so my dad would tell me to sing with the sax to create a soulful sound. Now, before I make up riffs on the sax in the studio, I often sing them (in a stupid saxophone voice) first.
I grew up on everything and I also danced at Zoonation, so listened to a lot of hip-hop and RnB. I’m very into artists such as Tove Lo and Sia at the moment but I listen to different Spotify playlists everyday so there’s a lot that I like.
I got very into radio at university and ended up as Head of Music for the station, which was wicked because it meant that I was curating very varied playlists to suit a whole uni’s music taste! That definitely had a massive impact on my music taste and selection. I now do a weekly show on Hoxton Radio on Mondays 12pm-2pm.

Who are your main inspirations in the music industry? 
I like artists who have a bit of personality. I think Tove Lo is amazing. She’s got her thing going on and on stage. She just doesn’t give a shit! She’s an amazing performer.
I’m very into Mura Masa. I recently saw him play at Field Day and that was just a massive vibe! He’s got a really fresh sound and that track with Charlie XCX is just tasty.

How would you describe your music? 
Pop with some realness.

You'll soon be performing at Secret Garden Party; what would be your ideal festival to play at?
Secret Garden party is amazing. It was the pioneer of festivals of its kind and it’s a big supporter of new music, which makes me love it even more. I love festivals – they’re all I’ve been talking about on my radio show for the past few months.
Dream festival to play? I mean, who’s not going to say Glasto?! (Mostly because I just can’t seem to even get a paid ticket!)

And finally, what's next for you? 
More music! It’s fun finally letting some out. Some potentially exciting collabs and more gigs, so stay tuned.
I’m playing Secret Garden Party 12pm on Saturday 22nd July. I’m so excited as I’m playing the same stage as some of my favourite acts at the moment, including Mabel, Zak Abel and Bonzai.
I’m also playing Metropolis Rising at Bicester Village on Friday 28th July.
More [will be] coming and I’ll be posting gig dates on my socials.
We for one can’t wait to see what is next for this rising star, and expect nothing but great things for her.
Interview by Ellie Dixon-Smith

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