Rowben Lantion Takes Over Candid Magazine’s Social Media

6th June 2017

Photographer, Rowben Lantion is taking over Candid Magazine's social media and feeding you with the street style from top menswear hubs: London, Florence and Milan.
Rowben starting shooting fashion a year ago and says, “I still get a buzz out of chasing down the best-dressed through busy traffic.” We caught up with Rowben below:

Hi Rowben, we’re excited to have you taking over social media for Candid Magazine over London Fashion Week Men's, Pitti Uomo in Florence, and Milan Fashion Week Men's. What’s your personal preferred social media platform?
Hello, I'm very excited too, this will be my maiden voyage for this type of work, so the pleasure is mine! My preferred social media would be Instagram, mainly because photography is the medium that I love working with, and it is a simple way of showing your style to others.

You’re a brilliant photographer, what’s your weapon of choice?
Thank you very much! I'm very flattered by that; I like to give the best possible experience for the audience and myself when I shoot. My choice would be the 5D Mk III, fixed with a 50mm f1.2 prime lens. When I need to get comfortably close and personal into small spaces, the Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) will finish the job quickly.

Rowben Lantion photographed at the Candid Magazine Issue 14 launch party at Century Club by Ricky Darko.

Street style or catwalk?
Both have their advantages. Catwalks are a great way to see a specific designer's creative vision, through their collection, mise en scène, music, etc. A fight for the best seats in the house is always a gamble – there's a set time, and some are exclusive indeed. Street style on the other hand, everyone has a seat (well, standing on the street) into what everyone is wearing, regardless of their status. You get to experience how they personally present themselves to you as a human being, and how it applies itself to the current surroundings with daily life, and architecture in the background. There's also no schedule, it doesn't have to be fashion week. Street style wins. In the words of one of the great pioneers in photography, Bill Cunningham “The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be.”

Which shows and events are you looking most forward to?
Mostly I'll be looking forward seeing whoever's bold enough to express themselves freely, on the street. London doesn't run out of people like that; sometimes they're hanging around, or coming in and out of the BFC Show Space, so that's where I'll be. Oh, and of course, I look forward to attending Candid Magazine‘s new issue party – a perfect time to enjoy the evening after the busy day with more cool people.

Any advice for getting through multiple fashion weeks?
I would advise to enjoy yourself, smile, not to take yourself too seriously. Approach people, get to know them, make connections, It's a surprisingly small community so you're always bound to see someone from last season. We're all here to have a good time and to connect with one another, so we can move forward altogether.

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