Robert Gordon University Hosts Week-Long Sustainability Symposium

30th September 2021

The stalwart institution, Robert Gordon University (RGU) is set to host a symposium that explores sustainability in creative and cultural industries. The week-long symposium will focus on the creative and cultural sectors' longevity and sustainability. This is part of its commitment to provide the information and skills necessary to ensure that everyone has a secure future.

Robert Gordon University

The Aberdeen University has been a world leader in innovation since its establishment 30 years ago. Its focus has always been preparing its graduates for a fast-moving, professional world.

A programme of live-streamed and pre-recorded events addresses issues of sustainability. These will span across a variety of subjects. Architecture, art, communications, computing, data, design, events, fashion and more will all be covered.

What Will the Week-Long Symposium Look Like?

Academics from RGU's School of Creative and Cultural Business, Gray's School of Art, Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, and School of Computing will be examining both subject-specific and collaborative approaches. Plenty of events are on the schedule to take place that targets many sectors. This also includes student and alumni engagement around issues of sustainability.

These will focus on the fashion sector, the Emerging Stronger project, which focuses on developing academic and student understanding of sustainability in relation to RGU's Net Zero actions and the UN's SDGs. It aims to enhance the strengthening of sustainability narratives within RGU courses. Additionally, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will be used to enhance the integration of sustainability narratives into RGU courses, as well as an online photographic exhibition.

The free symposium is part of RGU's broader COP26 initiative and will include: a live talk examining the potential of supernatural stories in today's world to challenge our understanding of landscapes and cultural heritage. Additionally, there's a live conversation with Kevin Keane, BBC Scotland's Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs Correspondent. Also, it's an exploration of the possibilities of combining science and fiction to transform our engagement with cultural heritage and landscapes.

Leadership Strategies For Sustainability Symposium

“Undoubtedly, sustainability goals must be at the heart of corporate development strategies,” according to Dr Jo Royle, Head of RGU's School of Creative and Cultural Business. “Therefore, we’ve put sustainability front and centre in all of our courses and programs. So, this is why more and more students choose Robert Gordon University every year.”

“In terms of our economy and development, this is vital. For both the world and Scotland’s recovery, we know that tertiary education will definitely play a pivotal role. It equips our graduates with all the knowledge and necessary skills to understand sustainable attitudes. This all contributes to our ‘Build Back Better initiative.

“Obviously, we want to instil our students and graduates with characteristics that embody leadership and a sustainability mentality. In effect, this will enable them to plan for a sustainable future with their innovative ideas. So, we're partnering across schools and subjects at RGU to not only stimulate these innovative debates but also to make a beneficial impact and establish a sustainable future for everyone.”

From Monday, October 4 through Friday, October 8, the Sustainability in the Creative and Cultural Industries Symposium will be hosted online. It's part of the ‘Beyond BAS9' contemporary arts and humanities program. This kicks off tomorrow (Friday, October 1) in Aberdeen. This commemorates the landmark British Art Show 9's visit to the city.

In Summary

This huge symposium shows and underpins how forward-thinking RGU is. Their mission and vision is and always has pointed towards sustainability and the building for the future. Clearly, this is why it tops the tables in ranking and is a popular choice with new students.

RGU expects that tickets and attendance for the event will fill quickly. So, to get your tickets, go to the university’s event page and sign up.

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