RJ Word – Man of the Music

19th November 2018
With his rhythmic sounds of modern pop, singer-songwriter RJ Word has his striking green eyes set on international stardom.

With his youthful good looks and edgy fashion choices, RJ Word continues to grow his loyal group of Latin supporters, while he focuses on driving his fanbase to even greater heights. RJ Word’s quality presentation and unique sounds have granted him impressive followings on Instagram, YouTube and other social media channels. Candid sat down with this rising artist to discuss his early days, the positive impact social media has played on his popularity and RJ Word shares his personal feelings on the state of music today.

When did you know that music was your calling?

There’s not really an exact moment. Growing up, I always liked singing and performing more than the other kids in school. Teachers wanted me to sing the solos, so I’d sing the solos. I’ve taken every opportunity to be in the spotlight since.

What would you say was your big break in the music business so far?

Either Here Today or I’m Gone going viral in Europe and Latin America. It gave me an audience and opened up a lot of performance opportunities for me.

What are your personal thoughts on music today?

Meh…some good, some bad. There’s definitely more music being made and released now than ever before. The blending of genre and international lines is pretty great though. With so much accessibility, collaborations that would have never been possible are now happening daily. I just wish people would put a little more effort into their records. I get tired of hearing the same loops and samples.
RJ Word

Which music artist would you like to collaborate with?

The top contenders for artists would have to be Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. For producers, I would say Max Martin, Quincy Jones, Cirkut and Timbaland.

How has social media benefited your success and growing fanbase?

Social media has definitely been one of the key factors in building my audience. Since a good deal of my fanbase is international, I doubt they’d have been able to find me without platforms like YouTube and Instagram. It’s also great being able to talk to my fans on such a personal level. Them getting to know me and vice versa.

If you could describe your music in only three words, what would those words be?

Multidimensional funky sounds.
RJ Word
RJ Word’s new single Love Hurts just premiered on Spotify. Link to listen.
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