Pitch Perfect 3: Get Ready Pitches! The Bellas are back with a sequel just as fun and fresh as ever

22nd December 2017

Now out of college and losing their way without their accapella group (it seems there’s not many real world job prospects for making music with your mouth), the Bellas are reunited when they get the chance to take part in a USO tour. The difference being that this time they’re playing alongside real bands that play instruments and original songs.
It turns out that one act from the USO tour will be picked by DJ Khaled (playing himself) to be the opener on his tour. Once again, the Bella’s suddenly find themselves in a competition with the odds stacked against them.

Will they be able to prove themselves one more time?
Our loveable ensemble cast all return, led by the incredible Anna Kendrick (Oscar nominee for Up In The Air) & the hilarious Rebel Wilson (Bachelorette, How To Be Single) plus new additions to the cast: John Lithgow (3rd Rock From The Sun) playing a sketchy long lost father to Wilson’s Fat Amy, rival band member Ruby Rose (Orange Is The New Black) and potential love interests Matt Lanter (90210) & Guy Burnet (Hollyoaks).
Pitch Perfect Candid Magazine
Without giving too much away, the film takes on an action element this time around (don’t worry it’s not anywhere as farfetched as it sounds!), it’s well executed and is a welcome new spin to the comedy-musical. As with the second film, there are some formulaic moments with jokes shoehorned in to remind us of fan-favourite tropes from first film but they would be missed if they weren’t there and it doesn’t take away from the rest of the films strong script.
At its core, Pitch Perfect 3 delivers a great message about a group of female friends working together and sticking together. It is a genuinely funny film; there is no backstabbing or bitching, and the boys (who are there to be ogled at as potential romances) are very much a side plot point and not the main focus.

2017 has been a tough year so treat yourself with some well-done light-hearted fun this holiday season. It shouldn't need proving but Pitch Perfect has shown female driven franchises can be hugely popular. Hollywood take note: we want more of this! Could Pitch Perfect be the anti-Fast and the Furious franchise? Quite possibly…. but for now, this is the final chapter and it’s going out on a high.

Words by Joel Babbington @dr_joelb
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