Parajumpers – A Hot Choice For Freezing Temperatures

30th October 2018
Luxury outerwear brand Parajumpers impresses with adventurous collection.

Colder weather is here and we might as well make the most of it. Looking even remotely presentable when a cold breeze sweeps over us  isn't even close to being a fun task. With luxury outerwear Parajumpers and guidance from our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, it gets a tad easier, and maybe even becomes somewhat of a pleasurable task.
Parajumpers can be described as luxury outerwear redefined by an enthralling and experimental take on technology and functionality. It should appeal even to the most seasoned summer junkie.
This season, Parajumpers impresses with a state-of-the-art range of great collections made for adventurers of all kind. City escapades being adventurous enough, dressing well in cold temperatures is hard, no matter where you live.

Urban aesthetics with tech-inspired elements

The Italian luxury outerwear brand co-founded by Massimo Rossetti offers innovative concepts that will keep you warm during the autumn/winter 2018 season. Parajumpers’ hold high expertise in active-luxury outerwear, and express a distinctly urban vocation for style, by combining classic tailoring with sporty aesthetics.
Parajumpers' longtime guest designer Yoshinori Ono introduces us to a new project, which plays with urban aesthetics and tech-inspired elements.
The key pieces of this new capsule collection are characterised by ingenious experimentation and technological research – a practical, yet sophisticated approach to fashion. These jackets can be packed into a small bag easily and for anyone travelling a lot, these jackets are a must-have.

Highly evolved with an air of playfulness

Keeping warm is a rudimentary part of dressing well, not only according to your grandmother, but any reasonable person. Besides, you look a lot better when you're not shaking and shivering, no matter how beautiful the clothing.
Parajumpers combines the elegant sophistication of a highly evolved sports brand with an air of playfulness and the great materials which do the trick, both when it comes to weather, durability and wearability.
See more of the Parajumpers collection by visiting their website.
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