The Perfect Gifts to Pamper Your Mum this Mother’s Day

3rd March 2021

With ongoing restrictions due to COVID-19, we all need to be creative in showing our mums how much we care about them and that they deserve to be spoiled.

Spa days don't have to be off the cards for her this year. With Poko's unique gift sets, you'll be gifting her a care-package that will make her feel cherished.

Show You Care

As children, we might have taken for granted the time, energy, and love our mothers invested to ensure we were nurtured. Selflessly and tirelessly, giving what they could to make sure we felt treasured. Sleepless nights, endless bedtime stories and patching up scraped knees are all part and parcel of parenthood. Eventually, having prepared us for the world, they watch when it is time for us to “fly the coop” and make our own lives or start our own families. 

Mother's Day is one day of the year dedicated to those incredible women who dedicated a lifetime to make sure we become amazing too.

Show a Little Gratitude

What better way to show your gratitude and love than investing in beautiful skincare products to let your Mum know how special she is to you–a token of appreciation for the sleepless nights that may have taken a toll on her skin. The Anti-Ageing Gift Set with hydrating, Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser,revitalising Luxury Facial Oil and Correcting Eye Cream will bring more than a glow and a smile to the face you love.

Each product in this set is packed full of nutrients and active ingredients to revitalise and rejuvenate, while antioxidants help with those fine lines and dark circles. You may also like the Hydrating Skincare Set, which includes the Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser and Luxury Facial Oil and the wonderful Soothing Serum.

Poko Anti-Ageing Skincare Gift Set

All Natural Goodness – For Healthy Revitalised Skin

The Poko Gift Sets are the perfect way to celebrate healthy, nourished and natural skin. Each set contains three beauty essentials we need to rejuvenate and revitalise tired skin. The unique combination of ingredients helps reduce fine lines caused by free radical damage. As we get older, our parents get older too, and it shows on our skin. While you cannot give back all those years of loving care that were dedicated to your nourishment, you can give your mother something this Mother's Day to help her skin feel refreshed and revitalised.

Why A Gift Set?

The answer is, why not a gift set? Your Mother deserves the best, and these beautifully thought out gift sets are just that. Each gift set contains a selection of beautifully made, nutrient-rich products explicitly aimed at making skin feel renewed. These incredible vegan, cruelty-free, CBD infused products get right to the root of the problem. As we know, hydration is crucial to any skincare routine, and ageing skin needs a little extra help. The Soothing Serum reaches deep into the layers of the skin, keeping it hydrated all day. For that extra pampering, it is a great idea to layer with the Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser followed by either the Eye Correction Cream for added plumpness and to help with those dreaded dark circles. The Luxury Facial Oil is another beautiful finishing touch and adds an extra glow.

Say It With A Card

Poko has thought of everything so that you don't have to. Choose your gift set and get a FREE limited edition Mother’s Day card with your order. 

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