Originàrio: Food with an Accent

5th July 2016

Originario Food Online Shop Event London 2 We went along to the recent launch event for originàrio online shop to discover the secret ingredients used by top Michelin star chefs that are now finally available to the general public. At originàrio, the aim is to bring rare and authentic produce from some of Italy's finest artisanal producers to avid food and wine aficionados.

It was evident meeting the team behind the brand that they were all passionate lovers of natural, organic produce. We spoke with Sissi Semprini, who is the brains behind the idea of supporting small Italian producers and focusing on issues like innovation and sustainability. We also spoke to Luca Leone Zampa, their head chef and experimenter, about the recipes to get the best out of the originàrio products.

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We sampled a variety of Italian antipasto such as sheep's milk cheese, seafood preserves, Caciocavallo barricato and Pasqualora sausage. They were all universally flavoursome and of exceptional quality. It isn't purely just about the food, you also find out the story of the man behind the produce – for example, Massimiliano Castro only uses black Iblea pigs for his sausages thus obtaining fantastic results on classic products like wild fennel sausage and pork gelatin. He has also created newer innovative offerings like salami with pistachio or mixed with Nero d’Avola wine and black Sicilian bee honey salami.

We tasted a selection of their premium pasta, including white rye tajarin. These are made by Mauro Musso in a small artisan shop right outside of Alba. His obsession with using raw ingredients, ones that follow the cycles of nature and using heritage grains that have not undergone hybridization has led to the creation of a beautifully natural product. The tajarin is mixed with herbs and spices that had the added properties that assist with the process of digestion. The story of every producer that originàrio works with is told with passion and detail on their website.

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We also tried a variety of extra virgin olive oils that had differing properties along with dry, crispy pillu bread. Along with the wonderful food, we imbibed on some natural sparkling and rosé wine. Natural wines have been in increasingly popular phenomenon in recent years due to the fact they are farmed organically and/or biodynamically with minimum intervention in the production process.

The originàrio items come in bespoke tasting boxes, whether you are celebrating by having a picnic or going to arrange a romantic dinner for a loved one. They also make the perfect gift boxes for friends or family who appreciate culinary excellence by using the best available ingredients on the market.

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