Obicà Mozzarella Bar X Alessandro Borghese

23rd March 2017


Obicà Mozzarella Bar joins forces with celebrated chef Alessandro Borghese

The concept of Obicà Mozzarella Bar has been steadily growing throughout the world since 2004 with branches now in the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Japan. It originated from an idea from Silvio Ursini, their founder who sought to adapt the concept of traditional sushi bars to offering the finest Mozzarellas di Bufala Campana alongside classic Italian recipes and artisanal Italian handmade products. Food is prepared live in front of visiting diners.

A selection of dishes at Obicà. Photograph by Tim Atkins

In their latest offering, they have appointed world-renowned Italian Chef Alessandro Borghese as their creative chef. Together they've worked on a new FOOD TO SHARE menu, which involves small plates and seasonal dishes that are perfect for sharing with friends and family. Also, these dishes are ideal for canapés and bowl food parties because they are relatively easy to prepare, tasty and healthy.

Zucchine alla Scapece at Obicà. Photograph by Tim Atkins


Bruschette at Obicà. Photograph by Tim Atkins.

We went along to one of chef Borghese's Live Aperitivo Tour tastings to experience the artisanal delights ourselves. It was unsurprisingly easy to appreciate the popularity of Alessandro Borghese: he was personable, charming and above all, a lucid communicator who effortlessly demonstrated how his food was created.

We sampled a variety of mozzarella dishes from crunchy bread-crumbed croquettes to bruschette with friggitelli. It is a versatile ingredient that can be prepared in numerous ways and combined with a multitude of other fresh items. The melt-in-your-mouth Mozzarella di Bufala in the croquettes was combined with strong flavours from the Pecorino Romano and the fragrant notes from the basil and tomato.

Crocchette di Patate at Obicà. Photograph by Tim Atkins

Not to be missed are the Italian doughnuts: Zeppole. These addictive, savoury spheres are filled with Mozzarella di Bufala and other ingredients like sausage and turnip greens or anchovies and honey. The soft, squishiness of the dough is the perfect companion for the smoothness of the cheese.

Zeppole at Obicà. Photograph by Tim Atkins

Alternatively, you should just enjoy their mozzarella fresh without other accompaniments. There are different versions from the classica, which is delicate, to the affumicata, which is naturally smoked and Stracciatella, which is soft and creamy. The mozzarella at Obicà is shipped three times a week directly from Italy to ensure a high quality of produce. I still remember visiting their stand at the Taste of London festival, where they were rightfully proud of their product. There they offered tastings alongside supermarket versions of mozzarella; the difference was remarkable and I have not bought mozzarella from the supermarket since that day.
Ultimately Obicà reminded me on the night, luxury is simplicity and they do simplicity better than most Italian restaurants in not just London, but all over the world.

Words by Baldwin Ho

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