New Music: XY&O

12th May 2016

If ever there were a time for an electronic band to jump on board the renaissance train the genre of music is currently riding, it is now, and with their new single, I’m Not Right, Welsh trio XY&O are getting themselves caught up in the excitement. Having already featured prominently across a wide variety of mainstream media, the track is the last to be released of the group’s upcoming debut EP, Shimmer + Shade, which came out on the 22nd of April this year.
Described by the trio themselves as being a song that confronts the realisation of a stalling relationship, I’m Not Right does sound as though it is as angsty as the situation would warrant, with its simple chorus stating, “Know I’m not the one/No, I’m not right”, as uncomfortable an admission that is to make in these kinds of situations.
Maybe where the band could add some strength to the story of their record is by adding a bit of maturity to the lyrics, as the song does sometimes remind you of the emotional reactions you had as a teenager more than the pained responsibilities of adulthood, but then again if the piece deals with bringing something that doesn’t benefit the people involved to an end then perhaps there shouldn’t be any surprises that the lyrics can come across as a bit abrupt, emotionally speaking.

XY&O themselves seem to be slowly gathering momentum, having featured on playlists by the likes of Nike and other major fashion outlets. On paper this should be a good thing, there is no doubting that this type of coverage will boost their exposure, but ultimately the musicians should be building towards establishing themselves in a more real sense. It is all very well to be popular on shopping floors, but you get a better reputation for tearing it up at live shows that might only see a small handful of punters at first. That said, it is still very much early days for these three boys from Cardiff, and if their initial success is anything to go by then they are definitely a group that will feature in the future.
Words by Sion Ford

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